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Bummer #2

I've received a couple of emails since my original post with polite enquiries as to how badly damaged my bike is -  the implication being that my torn Achilles is related to bike riding LOL. 

Folks, the truth is stranger than fiction ..... I tore my Achilles dancing on New Year's eve, not riding my bike! 

But, the story doesn't end there. It was actually Greek dancing. A woman dancing behind me tried to do a Zorba style kick. The point of her stilleto shoe kicked me me fair square in the middle of the Achilles! Didn't break the skin but the point went in deep enough to pierce and tear the  tendon. Yes, it HURT .... A LOT  CryYell

She didn't realise what she had done and kept on dancing. I hobbled back to my table and drank for the rest of the night.

And the rest, as they say, is history!Frown



Not me mate..I had a strong suspicion you did it having some sort of fun (but not 2 wheels sort of fun!) Heal fast!

I've heard of strange injuries as a result of stilletto shoes, but I think this is the strangest.... that happened standing up anyway!

Get well soon and back to riding. We'll all be hoping for the best outcome for you!


sorry for your injury...making a note...never Greek dance in stilleto heels....

LOL!!!Laughing  I think I would have gone with a bike wreck story, lol!!  My stilleto days are over, it's just steel toe work boots or motorbike riding boots so you would be safe dancing with me, unless I kicked you with my steel toes, lol!!

haha im with pioneergirl it would have been my secret .

Come on Vardy.... All ended VERY well!!!!!!
You were able to drink rest of the night!!!!



Sorry to hear Vardy, even Johnny Travolta had his days,,Laughing Stilleto's eh, I always wondered why they called them that...

PG, you are getting frisky,,hmm maybe someone should warn FB to go out for a walk, just in case you start practicing those kicks,

I still think you can't remember how you did it and this is just a good story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

That stinks!

Hope you mend quickly!

Ouch! Good story though....

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