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Buy a used motorcycle in USA for export

Hey everyone,
I am looking at buying a late model used H-D in the USA with a "clear title" (ie no salvage title or liens on title) and then exporting it to Australia. But, I also want to fly in late July from Australia and ride it for a few weeks before exporting it. I am trying to find a completely "stock" bike that is for sale in a state where the sales tax is minimal and and most importantly, I am also looking for an address to use for that states paperwork. If I were buying and exporting without riding, then sales tax is less of an issue and I would stick to California or nearby state to my shipper in LA..

If you are a USA resident and think you could help with an address, or even a bike, feel free to send me a personal message, so I can tell you what models and price range I am looking at. So I can ride it, I need to pay for title transfer and registration if it doesn't have tags, (maybe I can get a 30 day plate in some states for an unregistered bike?). Obviously the bike title will have to be in my name for export reasons. Whether I get it shipped to LA for me to pickup, or I fly to wherever it is, will be dependent on the location and whether I need to be there for title transfer. My ride route is roughly from LA to Sturgis via Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Colorado Springs etc and returning to LA via Billings, Idaho Falls, Salt Lake City, Reno, San Francisco etc, but I can tweak it to suit. If you are completely insane, feel free to invite me in for a beer during my trip.

I have already sorted an importer/ shipping agent in Aust and LA and already know about the Australian GST, quarantine, customs etc, as well as RAWS compliance work at my end to meet Australian design rules. I have done a lot of in-depth research re prices and taxes in the USA and have been in contact with a few USA motorcycle dealers.
This is what we are allowed to bring into Australia under RAWS:

If you have already gone through this drama in Australia, feel free to share your tips!

Cheers, Steve



contact peter ( vardy ) steve is all over this stuff .

Sent you a message,

Cheers Randy.

i help you out you can buy a new one i'll drive about 5000miles and then you pay to shipp a good used bike and pay less taxs and inport dutys . see i dont mind helping a biker out

Geez..thanks Clyde! Smiley-wink

Good luck with your endeavour, Steve

Sent you a message.

Thanks Bill.

You'd have to retrain it to ride on the correct side of the road if Clyde is going to do 5000 miles on it. lol Good luck buddy, look forward to seeing your new scoot.

You are a bloody fine fellow Clyde. It is truely amazing what you will do for your subjects!!!!

Check . They have a lot motorcycles for export. They can help you to buy directly from auction and ship it to your country.

I have several late model HDs I would entertain exporting. contact me for prices and inventory

TJ.....I think the boat has sailed. He has moved on in the 7 years since this was posted.

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