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Calling My Aussie Friends....

Hey Folks, 

Been a while since I was on here.

I just started with a new Day Job and we have a location in Austalia.  The company is Simplot Austalia and I was hoping one of you might know about it.  I might get to travel there soon and that would be my first trip to the land down under.  It would be so cool to ride with some of you if I did.  Looks like we are in a lot of places.  Hope fullly we are close to a few of you.  

I look forward to a trip there soon.



Hi Thomas ... I just opened the link and had a look at the location of Simplot operations. None in my neck of the woods but I am sure that some of those capital city locations are near Aussie CC members.

Hey you lot ... wake up and have a look at Thomas' post !!!

Thanks Vardy!

The Sydney sites a within 1.5 hours of alot of us in NSW.

I've put a login post on Facebook CC for New South Wales members

The Bibra lake one is about an hr from me

Let us know when you are coming down mate.
We can throw something together with you........ Can I ride the Raider? Smiley-laughing

Nice thanks Guys! Steve, The Raider is a fun bike ... I think you would like it Smiley-laughing

We saw a Raider in SC will we there, drooooollllll...... We only get the 1700cc Warrior here.

Currumbin is like 5 min from where I live, c'mon down...

I love it. The 210 rear tire is spend to replace... but other wise a smooth bike. The warrior is a great bike too. My Buddy just sold his warrior and bought a Street glide.

A friend works for Simplot in Melb and her husband and I ride a bit. There are a few of us down here so post if you come down and want to ride somewhere.

Thats Awesome. I am lobying hard for a Trip. Its one of Two continents I have yet to visit!

Is the other one Antarctica?

Yes it is... unless New Zealand or Tasmania are continents Smiley-laughing Then I got two more beyond that.

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