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Can’t get my bike started

Hello all
I just bought a 2013 Honda shadow phantom with on 4400 miles. It sat for two years before I bought it. The guy started it when I was there, but when I got home it would t start. I replaced the battery, checked air filter, changed oil, and added high octane gas. It tries to turn over but all I get is a low rumble and no start, almost like a mild back fire. I do smell fuel after a couple cranks. Has no carb, it is fuel injected and I’m not familiar with it. I read where it is programmed fuel injection. Did I loose the program when I replaced the battery? Any suggestions?





Before we go any father, charge the battery. If it tries to start after being charged the charging system has a problem.
Try this and let us know what you find.

The battery is at full charge and the bike turns over.

The next step is to make sure you have spark at the plugs.
Pulled this from my manual stash.

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