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Can you help me out

We have two cats and we don't have a cat door so we leave the sliding glass door open so our cats can come and go while not needed us to open the door for them.  We had a dog, well we still do, but my mother-in-law has adopted it so we rarely see it.  Since then, we have had Racoons come in and tearing through our pantry.  We moved the food high now, but still feed the cats in thier bowls.  A Racoon came in and I came out and got in its way so it could leave.  It went around the house looking for a way out, and I finally got out of its way and shewed it out.  Now I have this Black cat coming in.  My other two cats howel and spit when it comes in and I shew it out.  The cats were gone and it came in looking for food.  I tried shewing it out, but it wanted to approach me and acted like it wanted me to pet it and feed it.  "I don't want anymore cats". I stomped my feet and shewed it away and shut the sliding glass door.  Now I have to open the door every time my two cats want in or out.  You know how fickle cats can be, sometimes not sure they want out or not when I open it.

Any advise?



Get the racoon more cat issues...LOL!!!
All I can say Drew is that you can't train cats but cats can train humans!!!

Make a cat run for your cats and keep them in that.

Bait a Havahart trap with watermelon or sweet corn and when the critter's caged, drive out to the woods and let it go.

Even if you had a dog door you would get other animals. I have one and I have a stray mama cat that comes it to eat all the time. My cats grumble but there have never been any altercations so what the heck. Whats one more mouth to feed. I think that the raccoons would come in through it too. They are really smart. As Dub said train the humans....

Trapping the cat seems like a good idea, but I have a feeling the cat belongs to someone. It's too trusting and sweet. But I don't want it to think it's found another home. As far as the Raccoon, he hasn't been coming back. And since we live in city limits, I feel constrained to allow wildlife to remain. I have squirrels too, but they don't venture in. We also have skunks, the dog, when home, likes to get them to skunk him or so it would appear. Skunks don't venter in, but the skunky dog did. I'd go get another dog, but the mother-in-law is in the high 80's and she gets her way with everything. She may live forever, but if not, we get our dog back and her little white dog. So I have that to look forward to, two dogs. My favorite cat is a Siamese and 10 years old, so I wouldn't wish it to go. The other cat is a maine coon, but only likes me when its hungry. I think a nice ride on the motorcycle is just what I need to forget about this problem. Only should I leave the glass door open or shut while I am riding?

This may sound a little strange but we use a coyote urine based repellent to keep critters away from the garden Yes, we do have coyotes in Missouri. Haven't seen any in the park but I have seen them south of the city. Of course, I've got the zoo's back delivery enterance just down the street. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

I'm not the cat or dog guy so I would just leave the door shut. We did have a squirrel chase the wife in the house once. Only once. I thought that was funny not her.

Are you making this up? Who in their right mind would leave a door open so raccoons or other beasts could come in? This has to be a joke, right?

Such is my life. There is no sign saying come in Raccoon. This should not be in my fenced off yard in the city limits but it is. Gracielou you are so cynical. Who in there right mind would shut the door on the cats, especially when there toilet in outside. The absence of the dog has made it welcoming to the pesky critters. It is true.

Well please be careful! Those darn critters have rabies! Does your town have an animal control officer? A friend of mine had a critter problem and the animal officer came out and set up traps and took care of the problem. They used the kind of traps that catch animals alive in case a pet were to wander into it so it won't be harmed.

Get a winny dog. it will run them off

We have deer coming down eating peoples tomatoes plants and black berries, but our neighborhood is pro-wild life or so it would appear. Hell, we even have hawks so hide the whinny little doggies and kittens. The only time we called the animal control is when one of our neighbors Louisiana hound dog kept running the fence line along our alley way trying to get to our Golden Retriever who was in heat. Very determined dog, and if he didn't continuously hound we wouldn't of had to call. Gorgeous dog though, but too focused, and stood it ground when I tried to run it off. Our neighbor wasn't too upset and understood our issue. We even have bats on occasion fly in when caught in daylight. We sweep them outside to deal with the sun somewhere else. The only critter that has anything to fear from me is gofers. I had one digging through the lawn and finally found himself under some plastic barrier in the rock garden, and I took a shovel and cut him in two. He kept trying poke his head through the plastic and was finally an easy target.

Just get a plastic garden animal with a motion detector in it their about 15 bucks and put it near the door it will scare critters away and keep your pets on their toes too. Depending on where you live "defending" your pets from a critter is legal and you dont need the shovel until later that is

Well that about the best answer so far, at least for my situation. But what do will the motion detector set off?

The plastic animals are like owls, hawks the two birds had glowing eyes the wings moved and they squawked there are more expensive ones like coyotes im sure you could get a full size bear that growls and moves its arms if you want to scare the crap out of everyone id bet those are big bucks
Maybe search life size hunting decoys

How bout a life size Drew holding a big club. That would keep me away Smiley-laughing

Well hell for the right price I'll stand there no man nor beast will enter . I can be very persuasive at times lol of course

Been cutting down trees and opening the side fence to remove timber. Now I have Deer coming into the yard to eat the tender leaves from fallen trees. What next...wolfs, Bears, Mountain Lions?

Deer are very tasty. I know a way to keep them out and in the freezer.

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