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Canadian Shirt

Anybody out there think that CC should pioduce a shirt for our Canadian members and fans? The more who post, the better the chances.




Absolutely. Just because we're up here stuck in the snow, doesn't mean we aren't dreaming about riding. If they are for sale, they will be bought!

I vote yessssss edwins!!!

I have seen a few you have made and i like it!!!

the aussie one was a big hit!!!

-Robin Farnum
Customer Service Manager
[email protected]

Canuck one will be bigger Robin.

Love it and I'm in!

Make it!!


As previously stated..............I'll take 2 XL............Edwin RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE THESE SHIRTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd probably buy a "hoodie" too................put the patch on the back , so everyone that I pass can see it !!!

Where's the picture..... never mind i'll get one sight unseen.

I'm in! I'll take at least 2, maybe more for friends!

I'm in!!! 2 for me .

Still waiting for our northern brothers to get these make. I'm sure some may come south as well!!

Get'er done...

Yes please

I'm in....


Can we see a finish product! Yes for me, I am in for a Canadian shirt.

I'll buy one and I'm not canadian

Good idea. Putting in on the back with pocket on front is an excellent idea. Now if we can just get the shipping costs to Canada down.........!

Put the logo on the front to keep the design consistent with other CCC t-shirts. Most of us in the great white north won't be riding in t-shirts only anyway (see Larry Prosser's posts about spring not installing in Canada!) for most of the riding season.

I'm with Len on this one.

Gee Len, thanks for involving me in this one, lol. I think for a long time coming, t-shirts will be covered by leather. I really like the shirt but not sure about the pocket. Like you said about consistent, how many other CCC t-shirts have pockets? .

So, has anyone heard if the Canadian t-shirts are a go or not. Got to start planning for next Christmas presents soon. Never to early for that.

I've ordered an aussie one, but it hasn't arrived yet so i haven't seen it, but was wondering if...

if they aren't there already, what about the logos also placed on the sleeve..least that way we can still show or "colours" when wearing a vest!..or is there a "national" patch?

Yes! Make a shirt we Canuks can wear with pride. Make a hoodie too. And there is a part of Canada that we can ride darn near year round - the left coast.....

Wish this Canadian T-shirt would go!! I'd buy 2 in a flash.

Come on CC, make it

I will take at least 3, maybe more (to go along with the new poker chips)

Still nothing. I don't think they're listening to us, fellow Canucks.

I believe you are right, Larry.

i listen dont worry.... Smiley-wink !

stay tuned !

-Robin Farnum
Customer Service Manager
[email protected]

I'm with Len and Larry.

damn , even i'd buy one!!

Grant your so tight Bill would have to buy it for you then have to mail it as well!! Lol


Gregs finally getting it....well done Sherlock!!!

Thank you Watson!

I'd buy one for Grant - it would look great with his nice vest too

Voodoo Bill - Don't doubt Robin - she's Supergirl - ask Blacky if you don't believe me. She's gonna come thru for us, just watch and see....

I'm not doubting Robin. I'm simply agreeing with Len and Larry.

In time for Christmas would be good.

Well.... where is it??? LOL.

Oh yeah a Canadian Cruiser Customizing T shirt. That would be great is it going to have EH on it TOOO

Hopefully soon or we'll never get it by Christmas. Oh and Trish. Order one and you'll find out like the rest of us Eh!!

Ok I know it is not the Canadian shirt, but I just picked up one of their shirts for $0.95 from the clearance bin. Nice at twice the price.

Yes Norman. I'm pretty sure that's the one I got in my Box O Bolts the last time I ordered one.

A bargain. Thats my christmas present for my son sorterd. Now were is that Canadian Shirt so I can buy myself. Pressie?

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