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Canberra CC Rally 2012 (Part 6)


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Tuesday 20 March

Our last day of the trip and the heavens give us a glorious clear blue sky to look over us for the day ahead. We’re going home now, but it’s not over till it’s over, and we’re still going to explore today.

We ride from the Tallangatta Motel out to the Bandiana Army Museum (near Wodonga). On many previous rides through this region we have wistfully seen the signage for the army museum, but we could never stop in because we were always on our way to somewhere else. Today we make time. This is the largest military museum in Australia and you could easily spend several hours looking at all the detail in here, but we do have to keep on the move so we can’t spend nearly as long as we’d (Adam would) like. Adam is more the historian, he enjoys looking at museums and castles and anything with history. I also like to visit these places, but I have a much shorter attention span and am usually 5 paces ahead. I am happy to compromise, you see if I finish quicker than him, I’m more than happy to go shopping to allow Adam all the time he needs to look at old stuff! (Doesn’t work… go figure.)

As it is we spend a couple of hours of the morning taking in the history of guns, weapons, tanks, motorcycles, other military vehicles (more than 90 total), uniforms, medals, ration packs, medical equipment, and so much more. Even my attention is held by the sheer variety of interesting collections. Just their collection of military vehicles is so varied and impressive. Eventually we have to pull ourselves away and get back on the road.

We get on the Hume and take the turn off to Beechworth. When we hit town there’s road tarring happening down the main strip, so we have to ride the long way around and find a park. We do a little window shopping here – they have some lovely stores that I love to re-visit when we come here (not often enough), and yes I do find myself a couple of trinkets to buy (lucky I packed so well and had room in my saddlebags!) We then pick out a quaint little bakery called The Beechworth Pantry for lunch and enjoy some delicious pastries. I would highly recommend this little bakery, and would return here again.

As we head back down the main street towards our parked bikes a man accosts us to speak with Adam, who is wearing his bike vest with the large Victory patch on the back. He is a stranger, but he saw the Victory motorcycle, saw Adam with the vest, and accurately put two and two together. He wanted to know Adam’s opinion of the bike, as he’s considering one himself. Adam having ridden several bikes before, and currently owning the Victory and a Harley, could give a pretty objective review of the Victory Vision motorcycle, and how it compares with other rides. The man parts with enough information to make his purchase choice!

We leave Beechworth and head towards Wangaratta, then down the Hume again and make a short pit-stop at Glenrowan - Ned Kelly country. There are a few stores we want to visit, but we don’t linger this time, as we were here recently and have already done the full experience of following the trail and story of Ned Kelly’s last stand. Also a worthwhile pit-stop if you’re in the area, because a lot of the town is signposted and you can follow the trail and explore at your own pace.

We are back on the highway again and ride on to Seymour where we take a short break for a coffee. Unfortunately this is the last pit-stop. From her we are back on the Hume Highway and it’s highway riding all the way home, from the Hume, onto the Western Ring Road with all it’s damn road works, then onto the Princes Highway, our home hunting grounds, for the home stretch. We’ve been blessed with the sun warming us the whole way home. A totally different experience to the frigid cold and wet ride up, but that’s Melbourne for you.

When we start to unpack and get our bike gear off, I find a very large insect has imbedded itself in between my jacket and vest, hitchhiking all the way home with me. I should think after all these years and kilometers of riding that I should be over my squeamishness of squashed bugs, but I’m sure glad this isn’t another butterfly kill.

2012 CC Rally comes to an end. Time to start planning 2013. Bring it on!




What an amazing read Dim. You have to come to the Dragon and write about us....ah second thought maybe notSmileySmileySmiley

Oh man, what does a girl have to do for an invite??

On second thoughts, please don't answer that!

LOL, you know you are always welcome Dim but just write about the good stuff and leave the bad stuff for photos and videos....blackmail

I'd bet anything the stuff you're suggesting I leave out IS the Good Stuff Rick!! LOL

LOL I think you might be right.
By the way love the new badge

Great reading.. Thanks Dim!

Awesome read and what an amazing trip!!

I had a wasp manage to hitch a ride with me one time, nicely cuddled in all the way up the sleeve of my jacket. We were in a hardware store when I realized there was something crawling around on my shoulder. You should have seen how fast that jacket came off!! Of course there were the looky-loo's staring down the aisle at me wondering what was up with the biker chick, lol!! Calmly, after my little freak out, I picked up my jacket, gave it a good shake, put it back on, oh yeah man, I'm cool!! LOL!!!

LOL... Yeah! You´re cool chick Stacey!!!!

Another nice read.

You are brilliant Smiley-laughing

LOL Stacey I had a very similar buggy experience, with a WASP, travelling at over 100km down the freeway when it got into my jacket (it was summer and I had it partly unzipped), and somehow got to my armpit and started stinging... should've seen me pull over (Adam didn't know what the hell was going on as he coasted by) and I'm shoving my hand in my jacket to SHOO it away while trying to get it off - bike off, gloves & jacket off, freakin thing stung under my armpit a few times and even stung my finger that was trying to shoo it... ended up with my cold bottle of water wedged under my arm to cool it off LOL Stung like you know what...

The number of times I've had a BEE or WASP sting out riding, usually in the neck... man I am so glad I'm not allergic to the things, otherwise I might have to give up one of my favourite things in the world, riding! And that thought is unbearable.

You too!! LOL!! Thought I was the only lucky one! Last summer, I had a bumble bee go up my sleeve and repeatedly stung my upper arm area! 4 times!!! The bad thing was, I couldn't pull over!! We were riding through construction on the highway and there were no shoulders on the road. Had to wait a couple of miles before I could safely pull over. My arm was swollen and stinging!! I must have gotten a bit of an allergic reaction as it was super hot out, but I froze the rest of the ride, lol!! My arm looked like Popeye's for a few days, lol!!!

Just came across the last few chapters , great stuff .Speaking from experience with bees, the best thing is to get the sting out as quick as you can so you dont get as much venom as it keeps pumping in while the sting and little sac are embeded in you skin. I was always getting stung and developed an allergy because of it, I carry phenergen now which is an anti histamene (excuse the spelling , I m guessing it) I was supposed to carry a medi pen but I dont. I went into anphalactic shock once but I had made it to the hospital by that stage, It was a strange experience to hear the nurses running around saying blood pressure is dropping , no pulse , hit him with adreneline quickly, and me thinking some one here is dying why are they fussing around me and not going to them? I t would have been different if I had known it was me they were talking about, funny thing is though it would n't have been a bad way to go as I was completely relaxed to the extent I couldn't move a muscle, bloody bees . So next time you get stung Dim remove the sting as quick as you can,we need more of your stories, see ya Lowie.

Now I know why you ride a Softtail because thats a pretty soft ####
Catch ya soon Lowie

Nothing like a bit of sympathy from your friends to make you feel better,thanks Wayne,lol lol.

Yep Lowie. Most people grab the little sack and by doing so, inject more into themselves. You expect sympathy here? lol

I worked with B's at various times in my life....B*tches and B#stards! lol

Thanks tilly, guys, for the advice on bees. I've only ever been stung while riding, but it's happened on several occassions! One of the many hazards I guess Smiley-laughing

Got one in between the bridge of my glasses and nose once (riding with the visor up). Took a minute or two to stop. Scraped the sting off. Within an hour my eye was a swollen slit and the other eye was pretty puffed too. I visited a girl I knew in the Eye Hospital that night (she'd been hit in the eye by a squash ball- no swelling- detached retina) The nurse thought we'd swapped and I was actually the patient till she looked at the chart!

Good on you Cos you wack him again if he needs it. He can blam all the B,S he likes but I bet he wont be that keen again.

Had a friend many year's ago, He got stung by a bee, & allergic to them, he pulled his bike over & passed out, He was 1lkm from the local hospital, Sadly by the time some one pulled over to check him he had passed away, He's throat had swollen & he could'nt breath, Never, Ever take anything for granted my friend's

Jeez Allan, thats terrible

To lighten thing's, I was riding from Mannum,( On the Murray River, SA) Many yrs ago, Had a t-shirt on, When i seen this dark cloud up ahead road height, As i got closer i ducked my head, Had a half face helmet on, No shield, It was a swarm of bees, As i went through them, They all stuck to my t-shirt at the front, They started to try & sting me through the t-shirt, Must of been 30-40 bees stuck to it, I instantaneously put my bike into neutral, Pulled my t-shirt away from my chest, Was doing about 100mph, I pulled over & jumped off the bike , & pulled my t-shirt off jumping about & flicking it to get the bees out, I don't know what the car's going by thought, But it must have looked hilarious to them, I reckon the adrenaline was sky high, But, i can tell you, It was no pleasant rush by any means

Did you get any stings?

I've had several stings while riding the bike. Cheeky little buggers. A mate I travelled with when we went to WA is allergic. Carries the pen.

Robbie, No mate, managed to avoid any PHEW


Yes, very lucky!!


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