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carb trouble

My 2003 1400 Intruder seems to have a restricted idle circuit in the rear carb..  Is it humanly possible to access it for cleaning without taking half the bike apart?




Before attempting to remove the carb, why not try some Seafoam? If you can, get to and disconnect the fuel line at the outlet side of the fuel pump. Keep the petcock closed.Start the bike and let it die to empty the fuel bowls. Insert a funnel in the fuel line and 2 ounces of Seafoam. Crank the starter a second or so to draw the Seafoam into the carbs. Let it sit 24 hours and reinstall and see if that cleans it out. Your carb has both fuel and air idle jets. I have noticed that a great many modern engineers have never spun a wrench.

Edwin, over the years I have often commented that if the "engineers" had to work on the products that they designed, then they would design them differently! I'm embarrassed to say that I have let a few "four letter words" slip out while trying to work on the latest new design! For what it's worth, Amsoil also offers a few fuel system and engine cleaners. I use their products on everything I have but I realize that Seafoam has the advantage of being available in most auto parts stores.

I also use Regane which contains polyetheramine. Techtron is simiar. Other brands contain Xylelene, Toluene, MEK, Acetone and other nasty stuff. If I was going to disassemble the carb to clean it I wouldl ike to try MEK. I've used gallons of the stuff as catalyst building boats. I would be very carefull with it and not let the parts sit in it. Just a quick dip and rinse. My first "career" was building fiberglass molds.

The lean cylinder has an exhaust leak due to a bad angle on the pipe at the cylinder port. Could this be causing the missing and popping?

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