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CC Patch

Any one rockin a CC patch on their vest or Jacket?

We've had them for a while but haven't really talked about them too much.

Ride Safe,





I put mine in the middle of my Worldly patch's frame

I have the 4" on my vest

Sometimes I wear the basic CC t-shirt I've got from Marek and I've got a Down Under CC t-shirt from an Australian friend. I've no patch from CC and just a few little spots left on my vest, I wouldn't wear it full size on my back as I don't want a back patch, no matter what patch or from who or what it would be...... The little one surely would get a place on my vest....

Got the 4" one on a couple of vests. Cherish them as they were gifted to me by the late Don Boyer. He rides with me often as a result.

I have the 4" on my vest as well !

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