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CC should have an Aussie Flag CC Logo T Shirt

Posting as per UWE's suggestion. Who thinks CC should put out an Aussie Flag CC logo T Shirt? Post here.



Why not? With digital imaging and computerized printing, I think it would be possible to do everyone's country.

I think its a great idea .....I'd order one (or two)! Smiley-laughing

Put me down for one, what a splendid idea.

Good idea

All Aussies think we should have a shirt

I think Edwins spot on it shouldn't be to hard I'd definitely get a few as well . Come on Uwe help us Aussies out .

Absolutely, I'd have to have one.

Kyle tells me they are coming soon.

I'll order a couple.

I think they should be free to bloody idiots.

One of ... XXL please.

Send 30 to Kangaroo Valley please Kyle and we will all wear them with pride and passion

I'm in for one

I'd have a few.
Summing up, I think they would sell well, even better if they were free with an order over $99.

I'd even ware it. And I drive on the right side of the road.

GREAT idea...........Im with Steve..........give them away ( without having to buy something ! ) Just cut Kyles pay for 1 week , and we could all have one !!

You are a man of wisdom Ken

I would take a couple and put our ccc rallies on the back

I'd wear it, even though I live in Canada. Think it'd be cool to have one for every country also.

Yes please, top idea

Only if they make them to fit my small frame and out of stretch material I case I decide to out on weight.

Just for you Beach one small. Lol

Stop bragging, not all of us are naturally small of frame like yourself.

I used to be an XXL but Annie has been working me hard on the farm!
Robo, you are only taller than me so maybe there will be a small R and a small L Smiley-wink

Thanks Beachy

Hey guys I have a great idea, why not made in Australia.

One thing we need to check first. Logos are usually copyrighted.

Tezza, I think he meant as a tag line, not that we make our own.

I would want a least two

Wouldnt have thought you are that big Matt. me on the other hand ???? lol

Oh, alright! I'll be in it too. 3 please.

Im in a couple or 3 for me

I'll take 2 , thanks Norman for all the effort . We all need to have one for all the Aussie CC rally's look pretty cool if we all turn up wearing the same T shirts .

Buddah I've put on 20kgs since SA

Does that make you 30 kg now Matt?


I want one for me and one for Annie and then I want one for each of us when we get old and don't fit the ones I got the first time,

Clothes on beachy

And dripping wet!

Yes please ill take 2

Hey Uwe, I think you have your answer.

My 2 cents worth in on here too. You bet I'd ware it.

Two for me

Your bull shitting Matt 20 Kgs you'll be changing the shocks on Rosie shortly . lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Special order for a short one? Always too long for me....
Or a tank top for girls would be great... yeah I know I'm pushing my luck but hey someone's gotta ask. Smiley-wink

They don't make barbie doll size!!!!

Not even in a skinny mirror would I ever resemble a barbie doll Phil... get off the drugs!!

But you're only half as tall!!!!

Half as tall as a Barbie doll? I don't think so....

In heels Al!



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