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Is CCC community sliding???

   I'd like evreyone to jump in on this! I've been an, I would say an active member for 5 orso years. Not as much as I would like, but I enjoy being on here with you all as much as anyone! Just seems that the rallies are harder to get going, exception the Aussies, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! Here, the Dragon went well for a few years, even the Aussies came, then null! Hell, it was the most talked about discussion for over a year!!! I held a rally in Bristol, Tn., Va. for The Snake, and many showed up 2 years in a row. At least 20! Had a rally following year in Seneca Rocks, WV. which by the way is one of the best motorcycle roads in america!! 3 showed!:( Me, CrazzyDogg and RichardW! That was it! Tried 3 other times to set something up and no hits with the exception of CrazzyDogg and myself. And we live about 9 hours apart! We hooked up in Georgia, and it was just us! It just seems people have lost interest in meeting up anymore! I am also challenging UWE, and ManyBikes to jump in here and get the community involved more!! Smiley-laughing ManyBikes hasn't been on in over 2 months and haven't seen UWE in over 3!! This is their baby, and I know they are extremely busy, but I myself would love to see it become more! Actually, they were at the Dragon and was great to meet them!! 
   Bottom line is.....What can we ALL do to make the community more involved, rallies, raffles, give aways etc.........People get on their computers every day for many things, we need to make them WANT to check the community when they are! I see way to many active members that don't check for months!! Just want it to become more! Throw your thoughts in! LOVE YOU ALL!!! Smiley-laughing And thanks for all the great friendships!



If I could make it to the States, I'd be there riding for sure. I just don't seem to have the time to do vids anymore and now that the slideshow picture thing is broken its teadious to put single images up.

Truth is now I have another bike, I'm just out riding most times.

I miss how it was when I first joined too, but things change in peoples lives and some move on, I'm still around but not as actively as I used to be. Life is just getting too busy.

Still here Tee and I hear you... I can't make it to go to the USA and join you on a ride, I really would like to meet some of you in person I've learned to know here on the site in the States as well as in Australia and Canada! It's about money, time and also personal health what makes it impossible for me to do... In my opinion the site has changed over the last four years, like everything changes around us. It's about that time ago I found this community and became a member. Made some great friendships during that period, with great people spread over the world... With some of them I've only contact among this site, some others also by writing letters or we see eachother on Skype. And that's all good to me! I do mis some "older" members who were very active in the past and not (that often) visible here anymore. Some of them are still very active on Facebook. I personally don't like Facebook that much, and it's not the same comparing to this community. I'm happy to see there are also some newcomers who are very active, but it could be even more fun when the "older" members would be as active as they were in the past. Like you mentioned, life goes on, and maybe they are too busy with other things or they found new interests to spend their time. I'm still happy I found this site, wouldn't have had the friendships when I didn't find CC several years ago, in Europe, Australia, Canada and the States. Thinking about going to Sweden next year again, to see one of my best friends I've ever met in my life and found here on CC... So I hear you Tee, I'm still there and still very pleased to be here to join the community. If you have any ideas and you think I can help or support, just let me know...

There are not many members from Europe, mostly American or Australian. Organizing a Rally here wouldn't have a chance to be successful...

I agree with Spratty, I also mis the picture slideshow possibility as a more easy way to show some more without the need to do the work to make a vid. (However, making a not too complicated vid using moviemaker and YouTube to download can be done in a few minutes time...).

I'm still here Tee. Considering the population of the USA, it's hard to believe that riders aren't meeting up for rides.
I think the incentive to be more active for new members was reduced when CC stopped the points gifts. Remember them, the key ring, the glass then the shirt. Sometimes a free shirt would be included in your order.
Who looks after the site when Uwe is absent? I'm asked to review products I've bought that I've already reviewed but it's not up to date. That's rewards miles that can go towards a purchase.
As Gert mentioned, Facebook took a lot of the members to the FB page. I prefer to use this site because I run the video contest which is what I love doing.
I'm sure that TIME is the main reason members aren't active. When some of us go on rallies, we can't catch up until we get back home. Then it can take hours to days just to see what's been added to pics, videos, comments and discussions. Some may find this daunting so drop their activity off a bit.
Our local mates/members who were active have different jobs now which doesn't allow them much time on the site. But we are lucky because we send a KIK message almost every weekend to see if anyone's interested in a short or long ride. There is always one to six that will join the ride. Maybe we don't see them on the CCC site but we get to see them on the ride.

It's tough to organise a rally. I do one specific one a year and one general one every two years. The specific one is attended by basically the same people each year. We still have some people who cannot attend on a year by year basis. What I do is hunt around and find people who might like to take their place. We have a permanent booking at one motel each year no book it out. All rooms. I feel obliged to make sure it is full. I can't always do that so the motel takes other booking when necessary to fill the rooms.

The other bi-annual event has become a more casual event. My organising is to find somewhere to go and to promote it on this site and via personal email. If 2 people/couples want to attend, then that is it. 2 years ago, we had three couples. Next year is at least 8. All will be good. We will have a great time, we will drink too much, we will eat to much and we will ride to some great places. Those there will enjoy it and those who are not will read about it and will be there next time. Don't take it personally. People have lives to lead and sometimes we/I/you will organise a rally when people are busy. Just make sure that those who are there have a good time. Particularly, YOU?

Ahhh so much to say here but I'll keep it short
As I am not part of the old guard I can only speak to the present
There are many people who use face book now but I prefer this as on face book your things get shared all over the place with persons you would rather not have know what you are up to. That being said....
Meeting with other members would be great!! But, Work schedules, family responsibilities and even the variations of weather tend to work against us. Also, I believe that many of the people on the site are young and pulling the cash from the budget to take a trip just is not something they can easily do. For many getting time off work is an issue. Your told you get a vacation but when it comes time to take it the boss says no we cant afford to have you go at this time. As for myself I can pull money for 1 trip a year and then I save all year for the next one, which is usually planned months in advance and to an area or the country I have never been. Like my next ride will be to Yellowstone if my body is still up to it next summer. As much as I would love meeting people along the way that just does not happen cause they are all working when I pass through and I have never had 1 person say "Hey give a holler when your in the area". Being social on line and being social in person are 2 different things. For all they know I'm an axe murderer in disguise who's packing a .380. That is the way we have to think now days in this country to stay safe. It's sad but true. But hey, If anyone comes down this way give a yell, If I'm not working I'd love to meet up.

not much more that I can say that hasn't been said. TIME and lack of money is probably the 2 big issues for most people. Just look around the world. Many more homeless people, I know many who work 2 or 3 jobs just to pay basic living bills let alone travel. it seems FB is popular as that is how those people actually take a vacation by living through others and getting to see things that they should see in person.
-- Tee I would love to come over that way to ride that area, but as mentioned it is TIME and money. Yes I have the money and vacation time to make it possible, but then again have family that want to see me and we only live so long.
-- I have learned to just accept each day as it is and cherish it for what is close by. Plan for the future, but don't get bent out of shape if it doesn't happen. I'm working on trying to visit Marek and Gert in Sweden next May. Our new member Arild is trying to join us. Yes there will be a few vids here from it if all works out. That is life, nothing is set in stone other than one is born and one will die. The only guaranteed things in life. All the rest of it is living and what one makes of it.

Time is a problem for most! I have 2 lil ones at home, work and attending college half time, but I still manage to throw a weekend or two to riide! I know of at least 6 members within an hour and a half of me. We talk all the time via text, phone etc....but seem to never be able to hook up for rides. Always too much to do, but we always say we will! LOL Danny (CrazzyDogg) and I have hooked up at least four times in last two summers, and we live about 9 hrs apart. I believe the site is just getting a lil stale, not much going on except chatting. Maybe they should bring points giveaways back, or advertise special events etc. More contests would be cool too!!

Well Tee... you mentioned more contests. There are two contests every month, the photo and video contest, but I don't see that many entries lately... and like you say, it's really fun (or cool) to think about what to do every freeking month again, and also fun to see what others do with the same subject... Lots of views, a bit less but still a certain amount of comments and thumbs, but not much entries...

Randy commented about next year. Yes, I'm looking forward to it! I hope we can manage it and see eachother in real life. Would be great! As Randy also mentioned... I really try to be there, but.... (but I really try!!!)

So, My two cents. Same as already been said. for the last few years I have worked 6 days a week ( hell at my age I got to be nuts !!) . I feel bad we haven't made it out your way. If we do I have some elderly cousins out there. You know we have to visit them first. Betsy says !! I advertised the Chrome City Ride this year. There were lookers but no takers I know of. Time moves on. I hope soon I can tell the GTH !!! and retire. I only hope I can get to more fun stuff !!

You know......I have always wanted to go to Sweden!! What kind of plans you have, and what kind of money range we talking to make that trip??

hey Tee, the time is May, flights round trip into Copenhagen Denmark are currently running around $1100-$1500 and $50 or so for train up to Halmstad. Then probably go back again in 2-3 years or so when the wife can go along. Talking about time and money, I had thought I would be over to Australia by now, but things have not planned out as fast with my daughter getting settled. That is slow taking place now, thus hopefully in a year or two.
- As I have stated before, if anyone gets out my way give me a shout and I'll squeeze out a day at least someway, somehow. Might have to call in sick to work but what the heck.

I don't know if I will make it back to Wilsonville before I throw in the towel. But if I do expect a visitor on your door step.

lost interest in your discussion when i seen how much i had to read

That's fine eynstyn! U looked! LOL

So where you been Eynstyn, "dog" caught your tongue? Nice to see you back. Hopefully you have been off the site getting in some great rides.

Without a doubt the site has changed - or, more accurately, I think, the community has changed. Some of the people who were regulars when I first joined are no longer on, and there are some "newer" members who've become VERY active in posting videos, photos and entering contests. I, for one, am VERY glad I did join this group, as I've met several members from southern Alberta (Randolpho, TumbinJ, Larry Prosser) and some from the USA too, plus the poker chip exchange was a great opportunity to have a little more personal interaction with a lot of you from around the world. It is also very gratifying to see Telus Ride For Dad patches on vests all over Canada, the USA, Europe and Australia. And it has been fantastic to get patches, along with the chips, from all over the world too!

I've also been fortunate to get some good advice and tips (thanks Topgun, and others) when I wanted to make my bikes more comfortable, or look, or run, better.
Unfortunately, LIFE does get in the way of doing the things we love to do........ changes in economic circumstances, or personal situations, or family matters, all have their effect on our participation here. I'll keep on adding photos, and maybe I'll even work on videos, but I'm glad you are all on this site............helps make winters more bearable!

I think things just change for some folks. I like riding to meet folks I have met on this site. Most ride are 10 hrs or more just to meet up. Rallies have also got smaller from 100-200 bikes to 50-60 over the past few years. I am always up for a ride to meet folks from this site. As Gert says Wish I could ride with the friends I have made over seas but that old thing $$. I have not won the lotto yet, if I do I am sure going to head out to see most every one I have met here.

Some of the 'old guard' are still here but dont comment. I have seen a lot of changes on here some good some not so good. To be honest,I just don't have time to post and some discussions i have nothing to say. I still keep in touch with some friends from here and at times miss my international friends.
As most have said, sometimes life gets in the road and forces a new direction

Good to see your still alive Beachy, hope you and Annie are well and riding a plenty..... Smiley-laughing

Yes, good to hear from ya beachy! I believe you said the same to me a while back! LOL We all get busy and can't do as we like sometimes, Just wanted to see if could get some refreshing of the community! LOL

Bechy's has way too many "kids" he has to take care of now. Wish i had that problem. i just enjoy the site for what it is. It is still better than any other biking sites I have looked at. As every thing in life, there are always 2 sides of the story and the problem is we usually only know the one side of it.

So true Randy!! Just glad to see people talking about it! Smiley-wink Don't know of any other bike sites that are as good as this!

good to see all your faces and opinions!

challenge accepted, i've heard lots of reasons why people don't have time, and believe me i hear ya!

lets discuss some reasons you would be more interested in coming back daily, weekly, and monthly!

mentioned before we do have the 2 monthly contests that offer gift certificates and bragging rights! so lets all get a little creative with our pics and vids~ are there any other suggestions of what you guys would like to see? id love to hear what kind of contests will get you all excited!

we had ran out of lots of sizes for the free gifts for your points, which is why we stopped doing the "free gifts" i would love to get something else something else, as of right now you can turn your earned points into gift certificates to spend on the site.

this was a very great discussion, i love to hear what people are thinking and we don't know unless you tell us, so thank you guys for taking time to express your feelings and i want to help get you all a little more excited to come and visit us!

please feel free to reach out to me with any other suggestions or concerns you have id love to hear and discuss!

-Robin Farnum
Customer Service Manager
[email protected]

only did 5000 km this year, shitty weather up hear this year,problems with the bike so have been working on some artisan stuff.

Great to see you in here Robin!!! Just throwing things around to see if we can keep CCC rolling! Smiley-wink I'm sure, with all the CrAzY minds in here, you'll get plenty of ideas!!
Eynstyn, I've gotten some pretty good rides in this year! Put about 14,000 miles in since April! Only bad is now I need new tires!!! There ya go Robin, give me a nice coupon deal on some Tires!!! LOL

Tee you need to be entering the picture and video contest. You never know when you when, I currently have a $75 certificate to spend because of it. Then will help when I go to buy new something. Yes tires are coming up soon for the Bird LT. I cashed in all my other wins with the help of the CC staff and that is how I paid for new tires on my Rebel.

I hear ya Randy! I've won a photo contest and had a $50 certificate that I spent the day I got it. I won the contest that was patriotic bike with my Harley I built in Army theme! I'm as guilty as any for not participating as much as I'd like, but I'm going to try to be more active!

Well Tee you got there attention. You may be the one to put the bell on the cat. for ideas. I got over 9k in points. it would be nice to be able to do something with them. I did win a video contest. It surprised the hell out of me considering the talent we have here. It enabled me to replace my old helmet .

It's like this peoples. if the same 3 or 4 keep entering, one can only win 1st place once therefore odds are if you are the fifth who participates each month, then 1st place will probably be yours. 2nd and 3rd place are nice too. Heck I have fun just reading the comments.
-- It all comes down to prioritization, what is the more important thing to do. Sometimes it is not being here as other things take priority. A ride this afternoon took place. I use my breaks when I have a snack to jump on here and rest a bit, then back off to work (work) on a project, speaking of which have several going on in the garage now. Winterization occurring and waiting for the rest of the leaves to fall.

sounds great, we have daily phone in specials!!!! give us a call and ask your rep for "ROBIN'S SPECIAL" I'll get you guys all taken care of!

-Robin Farnum
Customer Service Manager
[email protected]

CAPT.XERO just so you know you can always turn in those points for gift certificates!

-Robin Farnum
Customer Service Manager
[email protected]

AWESOME! Will be calling Monday! Smiley-wink

sounds great!!! cant wait to hear from you all!

have a great weekend, take care and ride safe as always!

-Robin Farnum
Customer Service Manager
[email protected]

Robin, I'm maybe stupid,.... Ehhh, that's not a maybe, I think that will be for sure asking this, but I never understood anything about points for certificates... Robin, can you explain how that works, or where to find how it works? (I'm sorry when it's a really stupid question!) I don't need anything now, but you never know what future brings.... I try to do a vid for the contest every month, and also try to participate for the photo contest. Never with the purely goal to win, sure it's nice when members give nice respond and comments watching a vid or a pic, but the fun making and thinking about what to do is most fun and important for me as well to see what others do with the same subject.... Would be nice to see more entries, and also votes. I think we have to say thanks to Terry and Edwin for all the work they do to keep the contests rolling!

What Gert said


Hey strattlerock, nice to meet you .... lol!
No, I don't think the CC community is changing, nor has it changed, and I hope it never does. The population is just rotating around, aging and migrating.
I started coming here about 8 or 9 years ago when I returned to riding motorcycles. I found Cruiser Customizing on the internet & ordered some parts. The bonus was that, within this business model, there was this group or community of people (also customers) with a similar mind set and the many of the same interests as me.
All Things Motorcycle! That was brilliant o the part of Kyle & Uwee. (?)
They were warm & friendly, accepting and provided me with support & affirmation. Advice, acceptance and encouragement flowed freely. Friendships were forged and some long lasting international relationships were founded.
The first member I remember contacting & meeting was Mt2Stepper in Great Falls Mt. It is about 3 hours to Great Falls from where I live, but I made meeting him and riding with him a priority. I still hear from him now & again....
Very few of the members that welcomed me on board way back when are still participating or contributing, but this community still does all of those things but to the benefit of new members who are also customers of Cruiser Customizing and new members of the CC Community. Things change, accept that change and embrace it. I think Polssken made the first personalized patch not long after PioneerGirl created the name, or 'CC handle' patches & sent them all over the world (almost literally) Then came the poker chip (I just mailed one to FreeBear) and it will go on & on & on, if we're all that lucky. Maybe the new members just aren't into the same things you are and maybe the old members have just done it too many times. I probably have $100.00 worth of camera mounts & stuff out in the garage, but I just never got my head wrapped around making a riding video. Copper' was probably the best of the best.
I can't remember the last time I posted something here, but I'm always kicking' around in the background keeping tabs.
Just keep riding. Enjoy the people you meet along the way, make that circle bigger if it that's what blows your hair back.

Interesting discussion. I would separate two issues ... ability to get to a rally ... level of activity on this site. The two are connected only insofar as being active on the site helps you meet people whom you may get together on a rally or form longer term friendships (God help me that's how I met Phil Cole).

Rallies will always be hard to get to because of the multiple factors impacting on our lives.

However, being active is a different matter. What stops people from commenting or posting?? It always intrigues me that a Discussion post or a photo might have almost 200 views but perhaps 10-20 posts ! Personally I do find posting photos (I don't do vids) quite tedious and time consuming. During my recent lap of Oz I posted pics as often as I could on CCC but I just didn't have time to post as many as I could have or wanted to ... and the absence of the Photo Album function is a real bummer. at's why I documented my journey on Instagram. Within a minute of taking a photo or mini vid (have to keep them short on Insta) they were posted ... and on I went.

I don't do Facebook and never will. Valerie is spot on with her comments ... you have no idea who is watching. You can make your FB account as 'private' as you want to but the 'watchers' will still get through the firewalls and will know more about you than you would like.

... and one more thing.

Tee ... not sure when it will happen but I am determined to come back to the USA again ... and include Canada !!

You are a clever little retiree Vardy. I think I might agree with you. I comment sometimes and not other times. I comment on somethings and get slammed because my comments are not the same as everybody else's. I comment and some people agree with me. It is diversity that gives the site some fascination and pure fun based pleasure.

Well put Randolpho, and good to meet you also!!! Actually well put by all of you!!! I do take and leave life as it comes, I try my best to just go with the the flow! Smiley-laughing And Vardy, if you do make it to the states, I will do my best to meet up with you again! Just give me a heads up, no matter what part of the states, I will try and be there! I am still trying to plan a trip to Australia and hope to meet many of the other Aussies that I didn't see at the Dragon!

Tee, keep tabs here as I will be let you know when i head to Australia. Yes I have been saying it for the last 3 years of so that I'm going. My daughter has been slower to get settled than planned which took most of the money to go. Hopefully in 2017 that will happen if no major life mishaps. Probably late next summer will attempt a trip up to see Bill in Dawson Creek. And have May dialed in to see Marek, most like Gert and Arild if they get to Marek's. Not many bike sites are international. Wayne (Scruffy) was the first to welcome me, and through him I have met many others during the Pacific Northwest gathering. Got to me Randolpho, Pioneer Girl, Freebear, Johnny, Ben G and his wife (hosted the start of event and Wayne finished). Yes they are not quite as active as before, but they are still around. As Randolpho says, life is there. Enjoy it at the particular moment as you don't know if there will be another moment. It was this site that helped my get me through my recovery after mother nature blew me and my Speedmaster off the road. Without you all, I may not have continued to ride. I had my doubts at first. I'm glad you all were there as if I didn't continue to ride I probably would have turned into a grumpy old fart instead of happy old fart that I am now.

Sounds good Randy. BTW...Did you end up getting to Sturgis last summer? I went, but due to work I had to do it 2 weeks prior than expected!

Wow, where to start? I've been on here for 5+ years now. I finally rode a little bit this year for the first time in 5 years. I haven't personally met any members,YET. I have however messaged to and posted with some of the best people I've ever come in contact with. I have been honored to receive my Customizing Chief badge and was proud to take over the Photo contest. I have gotten discouraged with the low participation in the contest but with encouragement from some friends on the site, I will press on regardless. I was extremely encouraged when dakegro posted what he used his prize certificate for last week.
Yes, I've seen a lot of people come and go on the site. Life is like that and it makes me happy when someone reappears.
I still miss the Tribes.

Edwin we are one big tribe here.
- no did not get to sturgis too crowded. Stayed in the south part of the black hills and that was too crowded

I have a solution to the problem. Everybody come to Australia and everyone can stay at Vardy's place. I will organise a group of Aussies to stay there as well. We can go to the pub, ride a bit and sit around and talk shit. It will be just like being on the site but we will do it face to face. There. Problem solved.

Agree Phil just send me your check

Phil send me a ticket and I will be there Smiley-laughing

Come on down !!!


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