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CCC to Mt Gambier

Ok folks.  A reminder that the Aussie members of CCC are heading to Mt Gambier next April for 4 days of fun and frivolity. 28th,29th, 30th ans 1st May 2011.  For anybody not committed or who have just heard about the trip please get in touch and I will give you the details of where we are staying and the other arrangements as known.  We have 5 ( I think ) rooms left at the motel.  I bloody great time was had by all at our innaugural get together in Mildura and I am expecting nothing less in 2011.  I am bringing teh same catering team for the Saturday night BBQ. so we know that will be great too.

I am also bringing a budding photographer who has completed assignments at the Royal Adcelaide Show, The Hills Courier newspaper and other noted activities.  The idea is that if people wish to have a semi professional photo taken of their bike in any location or pose, we will have the skills available to ensure it comes out in focus.  There will be a small fee for the photos and framing will be available if desired.  Samples of work will be made available for inspection.

There are some people who have booked and have not sent me their email addresses so please do that via the "My Bike Page".  If you have invited a friend could you also let me know as it is a little confusing when you have a name and no idea who it is???????

Let me know and I will complete the rest.


thanks for the update Phil

Hope you guys have a great time, wish I could go!!!CoolUSA Eagle.jpg

It's a little too far for me so you all have fun!!!

nice but it's to far for me too...I can't wait until the video and pic ride safe...


OHHH the planning, I do not envey you Phil

Loco. I will assume your roads are straight, so, once you  are at Fl Keys, continue straight ahead until you see land, turn right until you don't see land, turn hard left until you see land again, continue on to that land.  You will be somewhere near Perth W.A..  Catch up with Lucky57 and he will guide you across the Nullabor and into South Australia and then the South East of South Australia.  Google Mt Gambier.

oh shit if only you could postpone it about 3 weeks the you could all come to the badpenny run and rage and sand drags ,we have it every year  first weekend after mothersday in may this will be our 21st birthday ,4 live bands and party till ya dropfor 3 days sand drags mate they just go off mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm would be good ,but looking foward to catchin up anyways .

CoolThat sound like the way the grand daughter got her car.. The daughter was going to pay =.. I think the word was ging to. KIDS  only mean $$$$$$$$$$$$ and dad paysMoney mouth. You didn't get that memo phil??? NOW you get to still buy chrome for itUndecided.. Have a great week DADLaughing

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