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My virus protection software is starting to show warning messages each time I log on to the CCC site. I used to get a green tick next to the CCC URL but no more ... message says that the site is "not secure". Is anyone else getting these or similar messages? Given how much hacking, phishing and embedding of ransomware and malware goes on these days it is getting to the point where I may have to exit from the site permanently if it is no longer secure.



I haven't. I run Malwarebytes on my PC.

my malwarebytes ran today saying nothing noted, I have notice if I log in on my IPhone, it says the site is not secure and as I type this on the laptop, it says the same.

Hmmm .... interesting. I get nothing on my phone or iPad ... just on my PC.

I get it on my PC.

My phone says that. We may need to moove this whole thing to face book

Nup. No issues here.

Still no issues here....

Randy put this comment on FB CC guys.
Check my comment about Transparency Report. I feel that it is safe.

I'm still here....

Nothing like that from here and I do full scans regularly using System Mechanic Pro - it is part of an iolo technologies product called Phoenix 360 - been using Sys Mech for many years but still running Windows 7 Pro.
Probably best to keep an eye on things anyway ....
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

My mobile phone is giving me a security warning every time I login.
Telling me not to use my credit cards or passwords because "it could be used by hackers"

Yep. Never do anyway

I get the not secure I don't stay long.. Just to get an idea who and what is going on.

And .....what’s happening? Not a lot.

Why would you use a credit card on a forum?
If you want to shop on cc it goes straight to
Competition Accessories which is a safe site anyway.

I've never had a warning logging into mototribe on my phone.

Yes you have Tezza.....Julie has told you not to be on here all night!

I have got that warning once or twice.. Is it getting warm down there yet? I sure know it's getting cooler here. I get to do a Christmas Paride this Saturday in my 57 Olds with the car club. Just more fun with kiddy's and candy..maybe a little beverage just a little..

Although our WH trip was cool with some rain, our last day (today) was quite warm, 30 C.
A little beverage is ok. Smiley-wink

Just one or two for warmth.. The Olds heater is not the best.. 30 C is just about right for me.

I will be on the bike doing a Santa thing Saturday. (I am Santa). We sometimes get 4 seasons in one day for this event.

YOUR Santa!! I should readdress my letter. I only have a little list.

Yes. Send it to The Pole. Not the other address you have. Lol

The security warning has changed depending on the browser you use, I feel it is fine, I'm still here every day.
A lot of the business systems I use at work have a similar message all of a sudden, no dramas. I thing google chrome, internet explorer etc have changed their settings...…. nothing to see here......

Good on you Steve.

Yep. I agree.

Thanks Steve

Google Chrome has changed it's settings, not sure about Explorer.

That's good cause I was soo worried about this..??? Merry Christmas Everyone..

Worried about unsecure sites? Check this link out.......

Good find Tezza.

I'm back due to this, It scans URLs for malicious content. Not 100% fool proof but can give one a pretty good idea.

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