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Changing a battery with a Dynajet Power Commander III installed.

I have a 2008 VTX 1800C with a Cobra Short Shot Exhaust System, a K&N Air Filter and a Dynajet Power Commander III fitted. I had to change my battery on the weekend,and when I started the bike,I noticed it had a lot of throttle lag,where before the battery was changed the throttle response was instantanious. So it seems now that the fuel mixture is now too lean,therefore causing the lagging throttle response. I've been told that maybe the Power Commander has probably reset itself back to Zero once the battery power has been disconnected. I haven't taken it for a ride in case the fuel mixture is too lean and could cause damage to the motor. I don't have the USB cable issued with the P.C III which is required to download the maps from the Dynajet internet site.................

Does anyone have any advise or ideas to help me out?            Any feedback is appreciated.             




I have a 2006 Road Glide with the USB PC III.  I have had the battery disconnected and reconnected several times as I have done upgrades and fixes.  My radio has reset but the PC III has bot been an issue.  I have the programs and the USB tools and the maps remain in the firm ware in the device and don't seem impacted by the disconnecting of the battery.



I would suggest contacting the manufacturer.  It may be something that is brand or model related.  The web site has a question link and I believe thay are excellent at responding to questions.

I have a power commander on my 07 Harley Dyna and have disconected the battery before and it held the program fine.Don't think they are supose to lose the maps downloade into it,its like any other computer chip,there supose to store information...OLD GUYS RULE

Thanks for all your comments and input guys,I've taken the bike to the local dynotuner for a check up on the Dynajet Power Commander III, and I was right the map it was running on was totally wrong.It did reset itself back to the factory setting, whatever that is. So he down loaded the correct map and a slight tweek of the buttons and she's great again!.........So it is possible for the Power Commander to short circuit itself when the battery is disconnected. 

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