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Changing Rear Fender

I own a 2009 V Star 950 and I love it. It's a great bike, handles well, great mileage, but what I'm inerested in is making this bike unique.  I love customizing my vehicles to make them personal and cool.  The thing I want to customize on my bike now is the rear fender.  I currently have the stock V Star Rear Fender on but I've seen the Yamaha Stryker rear fender and much prefer that one.  Visually the V Star and Stryker share a lot of characterisics and I was hoping he dimensions of the fenders would also be the same.  Does anyone here know if I could put a Stryker Rear Fender onto my V Star? Otherwise would anybody be able to measure dimensions of a Stryker fender? (I would need to know basic things like length and width, but also distance between mounting bolts for insallation)



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