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Charging issues

I have a 2000 Yamaha vstar it's 1100cc.
I have had 2 brand new batteries and a new rectifier.
It'll run for about a minute then die then I'll charge it back up then same result. Checked my fuses I had one bad 10 amp which popped on the highway just before the system failed. (Its been running for weeks on that new rectifier) That 10 was for the cluster and the lights i believe. I also believe the stator is new the previous owner replaced it but kept buying cheap rectifier for like 20 dollars.




Before we go any further, clean both ends of the battery ground wire. I mean, remove the end, clean it and where it attaches to and reattach it. It needs to have metal to metal contact. Then, do the positive battery terminal a and connection. Sounds siple but often overlooked. If that doesn't do it, let us know and we'll take the further.

I've tried that. The funny thing is I cleaned them when I put the new battery on and the bike cranked and ran half way around the block and was dead. And when it does turn over the rectifier gets very warm in less than a minute.

Which fuse popped? That is a good indication of the circuit that causing problems. The ignition and signaling circuits are 10 amp. It may be there is more than one issue. The rectifier may be going out. This will help.
Start with the circuit that popped the fuse as that is usually caused by a short. Look for burnt or bare spots in the wiring. Next up is the charging system starting with the stator output and input to the rectifier and then it's output.The manual describes each test. If you don't have a VOM, pick up a digital one . $2.99 at Harbor Freight with the coupon.

The rectifier is just under a month old but im almost certain its going bad. And the 10 amp was the three cluster light and lights I believe. This is all very useful so far though. Something is causing my rectifier to heat up. The 10 popped because the manufacturer cut corners and didn't want the cluster and lights on separate circuits.

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