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Check all your bolts

Interesting thing today. For the past month I have been smelling something strange on my bike. I could find the general area of the smell but never found the source. Today I took off the air filter to clean it and I noticed some carbon type grime on the fins of my engine (very black and sticky) so I pulled of the plate that the filter hooks to and noticed that the front bolt was only finger tight (it had backed out, Stupid Sportster vibration) so I was getting a bit of blow by. I replaced the gasket and cleaned everything up nice and put it back together. No more smell. Moral of the story, when you take your air filter off check the bolts that hold the plate on



Glad to hear you caught it before it all fell apart and caused bigger problems than a smell

Me too Smiley-laughing

Well done Val.

Val, see if you can find a supplier of schnorr safety washers. I've been using them for years and used them on all my bikes. They are the best lock washer around and are better than using Loctite.

Great info Terry. I will look for them. Thanks

Just a thought for all, a few years back the 2 screws that hold tha gas cap together on my vstar came out and everything but the chrome on top fell into the tank. Took a lot of patience and hours to fish them all out and figure out how it all goes together. Check them screws!!!!! Two buddies that had star cruisers checked them and theirs were loose too

I feel your pain Valerie ... my Sportster vibrates like heck (mind you, it is an '87) ... constantly checking nuts, bolts and screws. Some brackets and such can also suffer metal fatigue from the vibration

Great catch Valerie. Glad yiu got it fixed. As I had no help for you, lol

Peter she aint that bad Yet... LOL

I thought vibration was normal for HD, lol. Very good advice Valerie. Glad you fixed it

Allen behave or I'll be coming home from yellow stone on your sofa and you'll have to ride the sporty LOL

Lol, I have no shame. I'll ride it

Glad you found it and solved the problem. Normally, If there is an unusual smell . Betsy thinks I did it.

Lol So are you sayin I'm shameful for ridding a sporty?
Actually it would look funny with a person your size on that little bike.

Not at all Valerie. Just me

Lol. I still say that with your long legs you'd be funny looking on my little bike

But then with my short legs I may not be able to reach your controls

It pays to check bolts on any bike. I noticed my air cleaner on my bike seemed lose and checking it, the two bolts on the bracket had fallen out and the only thing holding the air cleaner on was the clamp for the rubber neck to the throttle body. I used some star lock washers and have never had any problems since.

Damn Bill. Now I don'tfeel so bad

This is also why you should check your bolts.

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