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Checking The Oil

I love my V Star 1100 Classic but I wonder who the genius was that decided "We don't need no stinking dip stick" "We'll just put a sight glass on it
underneath everything so people can check the oil standing on their head while trying to hold an 800 lb bike level at the same time. Undecided



If you think the sight glass placement is bad, wait until you go to change the oil - removing headers to change an oil filter was always my "favorite" part of owning my V-Star 1100 Silverado. I eventually installed the re-location kit from Jardine to make oil changes exponentially easier. And take about half the time.

Oh I did change the oil right after I bought it. Nightmare city but I managed it. haha

if i would have known i wouldnt have bought the bike

Two days after I bought the 1100 - nicknamed "Dinsdale Piranha" - one of my neighbors two doors down who had an 1100 Custom wandered over to check 'er out. One of his first questions was if I had looked into the oil change. He had already installed the filter relocation kit on his and recommended it. I did two oil changes with the stock setup and picked up the Jardine kit for the next oil change - which would be the last under the stock conditions. Just twisting the filter off was soooo much easier!!! One oil change later and I traded 'er in on a Chief. SMH Smiley-wink

Bets, That's the wife. Has a V Star 650. I discovered using a telescoping mirror. Its one of the few things I have gotten at Harbor Freight that lasted more then a week. You angle the mirror. and extend it so you can sit on the bike, hold upright and check. Even on the 650 it's messy to change the oil. I refuse to pay what Jardine wants for the relocation kit.
By the way. she's hobbling around with a brace on her knee. Two weekends ago she wiped out on a damn bicycle in the neighborhood. Here is some one who has logged thousands of miles on motorcycles including riding four days in the rain and fog with out a scratch.

or make a mirror bracket like i did

I too prefer a dip stick. With a sight glass you cant tell how low is to low or how high to high is. The best thing is to get the oil level to center in the middle of the glass.

The thing I use will fold up to the size of an ink pen. It may be her bike, but I'm the one who maintains it.
She's so lucky!

Yep bicycles are so dangerous. Smiley-laughing

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