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Checkout what I just purchased

Lots of people posting the "Checkout what I just purchased" in the order feedback.  No idea what they purchased. Should the product they bought be automatically filled in by the website?



So what did you purchase!!! or you just messin....

I agree Animal. It has to be visable about what they are making the discussion.... Now it's very often just a empty message about ???? LOL

It should be Animal but for some reason it doesn't work real well . I've tried to do that a couple of times and just stopped trying because it hadn't worked .

Has been a lot of that lately, also on the does it fit . Nothing to see so cant help

I just ordered an item and thought I'd check it out (Never done it before).
I added a link to the part on the description page and put the part number in but it wouldn't accept the number so I removed it. When I saved it the link was missing so edited the post and added link again and it worked.
Obviously some problems need to be attended to.

See what you can do to expedite that please tezza , you've got some muscle on this site !!!!!!!! LOL .

Thank you to whomever fixed the Checkout What I Just Purchased and the Customizing Help submissions: They all now seem to have the products showing again.!

Good to hear BA .

Your not carful they will make you a moderator.

Or worse yet, a website beta-tester...

You got me there.

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