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Chrome Subscription Plan

here is a crazy idea I would like to get your feedback on:
What if CC were to offer a subscription plan where you pay a fixed monthly fee (maybe around $50) every month. Then, when purchasing your goodies it just deducts from the balance you have built up. There would probably be some benefit to participate, for example additional product discounts or shipping discounts.

Who would be interested in such a program?




Sorry not for me

I think it's a good idea, but probably $30 would be easier for majority of CCCers

revision 1 ;): read 10-20 instead of 30

Sounds good but my wife wouldn't hit the roof she'd already be through it. She thinks there's already enough chrome or after market parts on the bike.

I'll pass

Probably a no from me.

no thanks,would have to have a pretty good perk for me to be interested in that

Sorry it's a no from me.

A maybe from me. As Alec said 30 would be better but then maybe you could have different levels of contribution, IE luxury deal $50, economy deal $30, poverty pack $10. Smiley-laughing

Adrian....a Seniors Deal for me?
I think it's a good idea Uwe but it'll be a long time before I buy another bike that needs additions. It could be an integral part of the membership process. Would the maintenance cost out weigh the benefits? An on line statement would be the way to go.

Good point Al. I wonder if they take seniors cards?

beachy..... I mean a genuine government issue one not like the store bought variety trailor carries.

.....and you don't qualify as you work more than 20 hours a week.... lol

ahh thats OK I actually only work 19 hours a week now! Smiley-laughing

I thought Trailor prints his own now

No! No! W O R K.... not attendance!...Oh, and you have to be 60 or over.
trailor can't print his own. He can't colour between the lines.

A no for me also.

It's not for me either

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