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Vt 1100hard to get it to go up the box after fast accselaration has anyone else had this problem ....all ready changed the clutch and oil



Could be air in the hydraulics.

I had that problem once on my '05 VTX1800S. The simple fix was to put some white lithium grease on the shaft of the shifter. It solved the problem, that was over three years ago.

I had the same kind of thing with my Stratoliner. I flushed out the fluid and that fixed the rough shifting up and down. The fluid was 10 years old and very brown.

Don't know your bike, but on mine, it clunked when shifting. I was told, "thats what Cruiser are suppose to do". I changed out the clutch with Barnett's performance clutch with stiffer springs. It shifts now without the clunk and slips in and out of gears with less foot effort. Still wish I had a sixth gear, and a display that tells my what gear I am in. I hate when the engine is in a higher gear that the engine can't deliver good acceleration with. Well that's my take on Clutches.

Have had 3 VT1100's but never encountered this issue. Good luck with a resolution.

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