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clutch lever problem 05 Boulvard C90

 . I had an issue with the clutch lever that became loose and not grabbing after I rode the bike (in a stop and go city pattern.)   and got overheated. was it the cause? I had to stop the bike on the side of the road for like half an hour . After that, and the engine cooled down, the clutch started working !
Do you have an idea what would be the cause?



The oil you use and it's level are major players here. Automotive oil contains friction inhibitors which is not what a friction clutch needs. Low oil causes overheating.

Words of Wisdom as always Edwins .... If all else fails then a New Set of clutch plates would be needed maybe ?
AND Motorcycle Specific OIL ...
Cheers &Welcome to the site - Ride Safe ...

Thanks Edwins. It turned out that my oil was very low!!!!

thanks, I appreciated it

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