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Cobra power outlet install tips?

I bought a Cobra power outlet and will be installing this weekend.  Anybody put one on that has any tips to share?  I don't want to block my speedo so I'll be mounting it on one of the sides of my handlebars.

No fairing on the bike so I thought as close to the bottom as possible.  I'll be mounting a GPS to the opposite side so not quite sure how running the wires is going to work yet.




I haven't installed one of these but the instructions look pretty good on this one.
You can download and view on your computer. Making the images bigger helps.
My only tip is to park the bike on an old blanket. I always drop something and the blanket helps keep the small bits from disappearing.

Thanks for the link!

HI. I stuck one on my Stratoliner. I mounted it to the handle bar in the center. I'll post a picture of it. I ran the wires under the fuel tank then the battery. I also installed a 5amp fuse in line on the + wire to the power out let. I ran the ground to a good clean chassie ground. You could just run the ground to the - battery post.

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