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Code 25

My positive cable was loose like always tightened it up like before now I have no spark fuel pump works fuses good was running good everything on the bike still works fine it turns over good batterie is charged n holds the charge all wires look good it has a dynojet power commander on it any help would’ve good also at first it had a code 08 from the mileage reset test button n when I turned the ignition on and off 5 times it showed code 24,25,55 now it only showes 25 thanks scott


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That doesn't seem to be a full code.

How to Read Error Codes

With the ignition in the off position, press and hold the trip meter button, and turn the ginition swith to the on position.
Release the button. Your speedo indicators should illuminate and the needle should do a full sweep.
“diag” will appear on the odometer screen. Press the trip button once.
“PSSPt” is now displayed. Each of the letters represents a different area.

P = ECM / ICM (Engine / Ignition Control Module)

S = TSM / TSSM (Turn Signal / Turn Signal Security Module)

SP = Speedometer

t = Tachometer

You can highlight each area by pressing the button. Once the area you wish to select is highlighted, press and hold the button for 5 seconds.
If there are any codes, you will be able to go through them one at a time by pressing the button. Once you have them recorded, they can be cleared by holding the button for more than 5 seconds. Once “clear” is on the screen, press the button once more.
To exit the Diagnostic Mode, turn the ignition switch off.

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