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Community Free Gift Orders Have Been Placed

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 

If you have filled out a FREE Gift requst form in the past 60 days your order is placed and should ship in the next 24 hours. This brings us up to date and all open requests have been fulfilled.  Free Gift requests for the following members were fulfilled: tiff60, marty quick, sdbiker, LeonJoslin, Bens09shadow, ABDOOD, tezza1, crAzyAce, bubbleman331, hidetooler, kenmode, hvywheel. 

FYI - We have only L and XL sweatshirts left in stock... and a new order is not on the horrizon at the moment. If you have requested a Sweatshirt in one of the out-of-stock sizes, I have substitued a T-shirt and a 4" patch. Is this a reasonable sub? 

These orders should ship in the next 24 hours & you will recive an email conformation upon shipment.

How do you get FREE Gifts? Gifts are awarded (by our sponsor Cruiser Customizing) for reaching certian point levels. Check out the details in this discussion FREE Gifts for Memebers
Ride Safe & Ride On
- Kyle
Skype & Yahoo =  kb2you2
Office: 925-583-2229



You are a FINE man Kyle................come on over......BEERS on me !!

Thank you; thank you; thank you.

Sounds like a winner to me bud. I'm sure I speak for all of us. We appreciate what you do for something as simple as just being here talking to others.

Sounds like a thirst quenching time! Count me in next time I visit TN!

My pleasure!

Will do Kyle.... you and Brooke are more than welcome ANYTIME your in town. Maybe we will get a wild hair , ride to Alabama and get into "mischief " at James"s house ! (ynkmup ) Bet he hasnt had his door tied up lately ! ( we will do it right....not like...uhhhh.....Rick did at the motel !!! )

What do you mean Ken, did Rick screw up? He told me that every time his wifes boyfriend locks the door on him he can never get in. So much for experience eh?? lol

Kyle, when you get the new CC pins in ( silver would be nice), I'll take a couple of those in replacement of all of the above, you can set them aside and smuggle them in with my next order......

Yeah Tony......someone (Rick ) knocked on James"s door at 3 am........tied a sheet between the 2 motel door rooms ( Rick ) and tried to lock him in (Rick ). We havent figured out who the culprit was for sure ( Rick ) but we all know Kyle and I wouldnt be up at that time of night ! A mystery for sure !

Kenmode, what are you trying to say??????? Stop talking in riddles. we have no idea who you are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I see, this had absolutely nothing to do with RICK then, lol

Phil , Im not one to spread rumors or "throw someone under the bus " but we will figure it out one day. The sheet is at the crime lab as we speak getting tested for fingerprints ! All I hope is whom ever did this TRAVESTY (Rick ) owns up before James presses charges !

James probably never had such clean sheets and room service to boot, is he claustrophobic?? lol

When Ken says...."Beer's on me"...he means he's pissed and he spills a lot......

Phil....i'm glad none of this sort of thing hjappens on our get togethers!

No. We're good little bouys and gulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bouys and Gulls? You been to Yambuck early? Or just getting a little nautical? lol

just nauti-cal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nauti-cal....fair call

Thanks Kyle and CC "Crew"!

LMAO I will never confess!!! You guys have nothing on me, maybe a bit on someone else (Ron) but I won't talk.

Go on. Blab. We all want to hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And OC when the wifes boyfriend comes over, I get to hold the

I had my suspicions that the "sheet bandit " might be Ron , but I just didnt believe it. Bet he denies it...who else would of been up at 3 am ? Not me , you or Kyle !

Some lucky bugger that didn't need the sheets,,maybe the intended victim wasn't James?? Ken, watch for that camera shake eh? better yet post a vid!! lol

Ken has "Anti shake" activated at all times.....

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