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constant hesitation or "jerky-ness"

2006 Shadow Spirit VT1100c. Orig owner rode 1200 miles then parked it indoors for 10 years. I got it in 2017. Had a well respected Honda specialist clean/adjust the carbs, new plugs, brake fluid. (I installed new tires - originals were age cracked and date coded in 2006) Problem: May be interrupted ignition signal ?, because running along in correct gear (2nd gear - 35 mph), and any other correct gear/speed, there is not smooth power, but a constant minor but very noticeable jerky feeling. Is there a sensor or "pick up plate" on this engine that could be corroded or dirty from sitting so long, that could be interrupting the spark? Have put an inline spark tester on each wire and all 4 are firing at idle.
With only 1200 miles I didn't see the need for new wires, but maybe? Current milege is 3300. Thanks for anyones' opinion or suggestion.



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