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converting from 16" rims to 18"

Has anyone converted their bike from 16" wheels to 18" rear with a 180 back tire and a 19 in front from a 16? I just bought rims and tires and was looking any help i can get.




I haven't done it on a soft tail but one thing to remember is your speedometer will be way off. You will need to get it re-calibrated.

Good Luck with your project Jammer - It shouldn't be too difficult - just make sure the Spacers are all correct and wheels Centered and running True, and the Brakes are functioning 100% Correct and the Drive Belt setup ...
There is a bit involved but Take your Time and Make Sure everything is 100% before heading out for the first ride - Take Extra Caution and make sure it rides well ....
Ride Safe ...

Welcome To the Cruiser Customizing Community Jammer.
You'll have a great time here......Tell us about yourself and your ride.....Post some pics or videos.....Check out the Help tab at the bottom of the page..... If you need any info or help about your ride or accessories then just add a post.....It's one big happy family here......ENJOY
Terry aka tezza

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