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On the eleventh day of the seventh month of 2011 the Cruiser Customizing Community went into shock. Don Boyer ,or Copperguy as he was affectionately referred to as, tragically died when a van being driven by an impaired driver pulled out directly in front of him on his way home from his job as plant manager at a recycling facility. I can still remember that fateful call from Debbie. For those of you that don't know, Debbie was Dons highschool sweetheart and wife of over twenty five years, it was a call that everyone wishes they never receive, I can't imagine her pain, yet she showed such strength of character relating to the events that have changed both her and her childrens lives forever. From past experience I know that Debbie will have a very tough time this week as good memories mingle with the events on that fateful day. Anyone wishing to say any words of kindness to Deb can find her on the site as mrscopperguy..

Don really emphasized what the site was all about, He was a biker, a marine, a family man. During the three years previous to his accident it would be a rare day to miss him on the site, He offered advice if asked and always kept in touch with his many friends. He had this uncanny ability to befriend everyone. He became a moderator, ( I think Uwe gave him the position to keep myself and others like me in line, hell, I wasn't going to argue with him). Copper also fine tuned his abilities to become a Director of of his now infamous videos...just go to Copperguys site to view over a hundred of them, all of them are my favorites. Being from rural Indiana with limited access to riders that shared the same interests, helped make CCC a second home to Don. I always said the CC was like Dons livingroom and we were his guests,, His influence on and off the site will never be forgotten, nor will his presence, and friendship,,RIP Brother..



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THANK YOU TONY ..............while most of us only had the pleasure to meet Don here or through phone calls, Im glad you got to spend time with him and get to know him personally. Through your pics and stories , that makes the rest of us feel as if we knew him a little better ourselves ! THANK safe my FRIEND.

Yes Tony, very well said. Thank you
Miss you Brother

Hi Mate he was a great man to so many he is and will continue to be missed by all those that he came into contact with through our greater family of bikers here at CC. May your day be kind and your memories good.

Beautiful message, Tony!

Don, I wish I could have met you in person. With all your videos and contributions on the site I felt like I knew you pretty well.
Thanks for helping shape this community to what it is today.
We'll always remember you!

Well said Tony.
Miss your comments, pics and videos Don. Ride In Peace brother.

Giant hugs Tony. Well put. As usual, you manage to encapsulate what many are thinking. God bless Deb and the boys. Don, happy trails wherever you are.

Rest in peace !!!

Copperguy lived and died before I joined CCC, but after reading the posts on this thread I missed the oppurtunity to interact with a very rare and special individual, obviously reverred by all that knew him and for this I am sorry. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Copperguy and hopefully we will meet in a better place, Ride in Peace Copperguy.
Terry & Donna

thanks Tony

Cheers brother. Look after that headpet.

Thanks Tony,
Rest in Peace Copperguy , my thoughts go to Deb and Family

I cant believe its already been a year. Thinking of you Don.

Heart-felt words Tony. I didn't know Copperguy but I wish I did.

My thoughts are with his friends & family.


R.I.P Dear Brother, & Prayer's to Deb & her family

R.I.P Dear Brother, & Prayer's to Deb & her family

I want to thank you ALL for the kind words, prayers, thoughts and comments. It is very hard for me to believe that Don has been gone for a year already! I think about him EVERY day in some capacity and some days I still can't believe he's gone at all and the sadness that the man that killed him has caused for this family and his friends will be everlasting. Dennis and I plan to walk over to the cemetery together at some point today and we will likely visit the crash site and take a picture of the flower memorial that was recently placed there. Maybe since this first anniversary has come and will go, I can finally put some things behind me and release some guilt I feel about moving on with life. I am having fun and enjoying myself, but there's that nagging feeling still lurking. There ARE reasons for it and people who fostered that guilt, but I don't believe they will be a part of my life anymore and it's probably a good thing so, onward...

A final note to extend my gratitude to everyone here who helped me, supported me and encouraged me through the worst time of my entire life over the last year. Some of you knew Don, some did doesn't matter. This is a great community and I am forever thankful. Love to all!!


Deb it's great to hear from you and to know you are getting on with your life. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty about moving on. Take care of yourself and your family. We all miss him.


Amen Tony! I hope you don't mind, but I quoted your words above in my YouTube Video as well as the video posted here in the CCC.
Don, I miss you every day man. Every time I log on here... I miss your humor, your friendship, your words of advise. Our Skype calls were great and the txt's will never be forgotten.
This here is the video I put together to be played at your court date...
I am sorry I was not able to make it in person... I love you man and hope you are resting in peace and riding with us daily.
Deb, I am proud of you! You are one heck of a strong woman and your courage is amazing. Keep up the great work and keep moving forward!
Peace and love be with you,

Thank you Kyle for the AMAZING video.It will be shared and passed around in the hopes that something like this NEVER again happens to one of our FRIENDS and BROTHERS.

i have too many things to say about don about ccc with/without him about his impact on me personally in many ways but i wont lol we all know most of them and i use phone now to type lol
thinking of don almost every day
deb, keep it on
thank u tony

Rest in Peace

Glad things are looking better for you Deb and there is happiness in your life. Hope that you continue to find happiness and continue forward in your life now. Hope the boys daughter in laws and grandchildren are all well and giving you many pleasures and laughs

Very well put Tony. Brother Don...Ride in Peace. We all miss you.

It really is hard to believe that the time has passed so quickly, rest in peace Don.

Very well put Tony !!! Don and I always joked about trading fishing trips in each others part of the world. Have yet to ice fish !!

My respects.

With all the beautiful words being spoken about Don, it never is enough. He became one of my first friends here on ccc and gave me some great advice on my projects. I learned a lot from the man. I enjoyed his humor the most. He was and still is a huge personality on this site. I was talking to a neighbor today who is 83 and she was telling me how she got hurt many years ago on the farm she loves so much. She said, Life is what happens when you make other plans." Mrs Copperguy, I'm not fluent or articulate with words like many of the ccc family here, but we all share your pain and wish the best for you and you family. Everyone feels guilt of some kind when some one passes. I never personally met Don but I know your husband was a great man. His love for his family showed through the videos and written words.

Ditto to all above, So many well spoken word's, We face danger, Every time we ride, But we decide to ride, Because we love it, It's not a life style, IT'S OUR WAY OF LIFE, We would be lesser being's if we did'nt, I know Don was one of these being, Because it show's by all your kind word;s, May he ride forever in our heart's

Ditto to all above, So many well spoken word's, We face danger, Every time we ride, But we decide to ride, Because we love it, It's not a life style, IT'S OUR WAY OF LIFE, We would be lesser being's if we did'nt, I know Don was one of those being's, Because it show's by all your kind word;s, May he ride forever in our heart's

Yes ABDOOD... and now it's my turn to ride home. See you all in the AM... If it's Gods Will. Goodnight.

Stay safe out there Kyle mate

Deb, our thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue on. We all share somehow in what seems an untimely death of a dear partner in life for we all share a common appreciation for motorcycling and the best parts of such a friendly group as the Cruiser Customizing Community. Tony expressed our corporate feelings well, and know that as each of us reads the threads we all come a bit closer to your dear husband. Find new breath in our appreciation of him and you during the days that continue. May your memories of him fill you with love even as you look forward to God's goodness in each new day. "Surely goodness and mercy will follow you" all the days of your life like sheepdogs of the Almighty. skeep

Sweet word's Skeep mate I-m so happy ^^ I-m so happy

He shall not grow old as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary him, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember him.
Lest we forget.
Don - thank you for your service to your country and for your friendship to many in the CCC. RIP.

Sharing ones emotions is never that easy. I rarely get too close to anybody. I have a very close knit group of friends that I've known for years, other than that there are friends that you enjoy their company and spend time with because they are good people and fun to be around. Don had infiltrated my very close friends group, simply said, I loved the man for all that he was, and I felt that it was reciprocated. His loss affected me in so many ways that I can't begin to put into print, however I do know that he was all about life and making the most of that's what I intend to do. Cheers to you brother!

Thanks for posting the vid Kyle...I can see how hard it was for you to put together under the circumstances, I don't think I could've done it...

Thanks for your post Tony. Its hard to believe its been a year. Still get chocked up when i think about it. Don & I both traded up on our bikes last year about the same time and had communicated about meeting up that weekend around "Chain-O-Lakes" state park and taking a ride around the area. It was a shock to find; when I logged on to his site to make final details & see what happened. My thoughts go out to Deb, thier sons & family.

Thanks Tony, I can't believe it's been a year already. I'm very proud to call myself one of Don's CC friends & I miss him. My thoughts & prayers are with Deb, the family & friends.

COTW....way to go Don !!

THX Tony...........................

Thanks Tony. Don rides with me on every ride.

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