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Copperguy's killer gets 4 years...

After the man who killed her husband in a drunken-driving crash was sentenced Monday morning to four years in prison, Debra Boyer said no amount of prison time would change anything.

But the family of Donald Boyer Jr. can now begin to move forward and live in a way that honors his memory, she said.

Donald Boyer Jr., an avid motorcycle rider who often wrote about his passion for riding, hunting and his family on a custom motorcycle blog, died in July after a minivan driven by 49-year-old George W. Blair pulled into his path at the intersection of Valentine Road and U.S. 33.

CG - we miss you...  I pray the God has a lot of straight roads,curvy roads when you want them, and a wide selection of bikes that you'd want to ride - for free...




Its not enough but its more than he would get here in Australia, we are much to lenient on this type of crime.

At least he got some jail time. not near enought. Frown

A whole 4 years................ you get more time than that for smoking pot ! Bet he is out for "good behavior" sooner that that! American justice at its best. Im sorry Debra that the "system " managed to fail yet another family.

I had already rersponded to this post from Minnieboo on another blog, but it really needs to be addressed here again.

Eight year possible sentence and an automatic reduction to four years with the time already served in jail counted in? Hmmmm. Well, at least this guy will get out sober ... but probably will head straight out for a celebration drink when he's free again. He had "personal problems" that started him drinking again after he had been sober for 15 years? Gee ... I wonder if those "personal problems" were so heavy that it forced him to choose to hit the booze, get behind the wheel of a van, and kill one of the finest men I've ever known? I hope his "personal problems" are solved now. Paying of $9,600 restitution? That's not even close to one year's salary for Don.


It's been just a hair over four months since Don's death, and though I do appreciate the apparent fast track of the "justice system" in this case, at least the guy has to serve SOME time in jail to contemplate what he's done.

This is just so insane.

God is SO good ... even in matters that stretch the human mind to disbelief ... so I can only hope that some kind of powerful good will come out of this ridiculously small sentence. One thing is for sure ... I still miss Don ... and think about him and his family virtually every day of my life.

John Frown

Amen, John, God IS good! His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts. Romans 8:28 tells us that He works all things for the good of those who love Him and called unto HIS purpose. I don't understand this, and I'm not going to pretend I do, but you're right John, something POWERFUL GOOD will come out of it!

Honestly, I'm sort of surprised this guy got ANY time to serve. Maybe we should be encouraged by that. I'm just trying to not harbour bitterness and hate for this individual and keep Don's family in my prayers.

Peace to all.


4 years or lifetime......

Doesn´t matter..... Cause nothing can bring this friend, husband, father, son, brother and................. back!!

And THAT my friends SUX!!!!!

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