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Correct line through a corner

A very short and simple video but with a coupl,e of key tips. It is a US video so the cornering is on the wrong side of the road ... lol ... but the principles are the same




What wrong side Peter? LOL

Very clear explained video...


Driving on the left comes from the time when people wore swords. Most people are right handed. You wanted your sword arm to able to quickly reach your enemy. Also, your wore your sword on the left so mounting a horse was easier from the left. Nice, peaceful England. LOL
Most of the countries that drive on the left are former British colonies.

Edwin ... what is the history behind the USA driving on the right ?

Peter.... They were riding backwards or most of them left handed? LOL

That is a real interesting read I know why we fight off road rage with swords in Australia!!!

Great article ... everything you need to know about why we drive on the left and the right .

Very good Peter. I liked that link

Good topic Vardy. I go from the inside or outside and cross over to the outside or inside depending where I start from, depending on where I am. But lately, my night time driving has been a problem because of poor lighting, I tend to stick to the dotted line as opposed to the solid one. I am getting a new light bulb...LED see if that helps. I figure if I can keep her between the dotted and solid lines I will be doing ok, and between the ditches at best.

Oh ok, Cobra spit

Great bit of road in that video , Drew. Will have to watch on a full size screen

Very good vid

Kevin in the vid is a inspiring fellow, worth while checking out his other vids.

The best way to get around and through a corner is FAST with the floorboards scraping and banging on the road. While dragging the crash bar and exhaust pipes along the way. It sure scares the crotch rocket guys I ride with. Still need the correct techniques to manage this style of riding without getting hurt. Practice, Practice, Practice, WE have lots of tight corners around here to do that on. BE safe ALL.

Wayne, you need to feel safe while riding or don't ride at all. It's all about feeling safe. You never know what the cagers are going to do

I have been run over by more bike guys than cagers. I have had my share of them too. I had to wipe the mirrors off a guys car while he was trying to run me off the road. I wheeled around and got the left side also. He stopped. I went on without any scratches. and this was on an overpass.
Allen: I always feel safe when I am riding alone which is what I do most. When I ride with others I ride at the level of the least skilled rider. I feel there is NO reason someone should get hurt trying to keep up. Or try and ride like I do. I ride hard and fast most of the time. I am by myself. If i get killed OH well. I am doing what I love. My nephew and his wife got seriously hurt trying to keep up with a bunch of riders that just left them in the dust. They missed a corner and went 90FT off into a ravine at 50 mph. They survived and will never get on a bike again. There is a whole nother story about that.

Like I have always said You have to ride like everyone else is out to KILL you personally. You head has to be on swivel and always on alert. I never watch the driver but I do watch the front tires where they are pointed. I Have been doing this since I was 13 and trying to run my brother off the road on our bikes. We took turns doing this game. There were three of us doing this to each other. There is another good old story for Yellowstone.

Allen: you're very correct it is about whether one feels safe while riding. I promise I will ride safe with AussySteve and Randy while on our trip to Yellowstone this summer. I only ride goofy while I am alone and on a stretch of empty road which we have a lot of out here. Have a fun week and ride safe.

The video was OK - the main thing he erred on was SPEED of Entry - No mention of SPEED and BRAKING -
He said that most of the corner accidents were because of rider error - NO mention of Speed - road conditions, or Surroundings except for the trees on the inside of the corner - Potholes, broken surface/s, Bumps, oil or diesel spills, gravel, and a host of other conditions like Rain, time of day, sunlight, night time, fatigue, tyres, brakes, power of motorcycle - but good sound advice nonetheless it just needs embelishment of the Safety Kind ...

Ride to your abilities and the Road & Weather conditions - just don't tell somebody how to best take a corner - there ARE people out there that do take this sort of advice very seriously and think that because 'This' is the way to corner on a motorcycle, they can do it at any speed under all conditions.... that leads to his advice being very dangerous indeed ... especially for NOVICE riders ....
'Hey'a, Look'a, Thats'a the way you do it'a - OK .... (hand waving gestures) - Now go'a and hav'a some'a fun'a - rid'a your'a bike lik'a this'a way problemoes !!!

Needs Road Safety Embelishment/s ...
(Just my 2 cents (pennies) worth) ....

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