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couldn't upload a pic like I have always done

Hi all,
Suspect the system here may be failing. Just heard from one of our new Finland members of be blocked out twice. Now I couldn't upload a pic like a normally do. Lack of maintenance may be taking a toll. May have to switch to Facebook or instagram to keep in touch.



yep ... photo upload problems here as well

Okay so one of y'all is going to have to show me this Instagram stuff

Valerie ... if you haven’t worked it out by the time we do the Eureka Springs ride, I’ll show you. It’s my principal social media medium.

cool thank you. Technology hates me

In the meantime ... download the free Instagram ap on to your smartphone

I'm actualy a bit afraid to do that. I have a samsung 5 and they have a record of blowing up, LOL

computer gremlins evidently as I just loaded the pic I was trying to put on yesterday. No problems.
consider it a mystery. Now I need to go out and mow my lawn and wash the truck. Then go for a ride on the Rebel this afternoon. Will be 60 F (16C) today. Our local ski resort closed again due to lack of snow. Was only open 8 days.

Go for it Valerie, I have a 5 and have no issues down loading apps !

Dubster I think Valerie is leaning more to the battery blowing up versus blowing up from too many apps.

Instagram? HELP!!!

Gert downlaod app from apple store or play store if Android. Install and create an account then search for.people by name or username if you have it

Just put a picture on and it worked. I am also Instagram ?????? Never head of it, That should tell you guys where I am in this work of technology... 1969 that is where

So, Wayne, you can remember the 1960s ... LOL !!

I remember the 50's and some of the 60's

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