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Couple wires left

ok guys sonim almost done putting my bike back togethor slowly but surely and i have a couple single wires left over. Im trying to read the schematics the best i can  but ran into a small snag. Ive got a single wire coming from the starter and a single wire coming from some sensir on the same side  i guess dry side Of the bike? I cant figure out what sensor it is. Oil pressure or nuetral switch. Its on the bottom  of the engine behind a cover.right under the oil filter Its easier to read the schematic when you know which part to start from haha. Any help would be nice 



Wire colors?

Ok so the single wire coming from the starter is white that has a braided cover over the wire and the single wire coming from the unknown “sensor” is white as well i dont think i can tag a pic on here or that would help

Is this a stock wiring set up?
The white wires are for the alternator in this diagram.

Yes for a stock setup. Wish i could post a pic. Its a small plate almost under the motor with a single “white” wire

Could it possibly be blue/white? Virago's are in the running for the World's funkiest factory service manual. They put the 700, 1000 and 1100 in one manual in a mixed up order.
It downloads and opens a bit weird. Open with Adobe and you get a blank page. Look for a red square icon on your task bar and click it to open.

Ok i figured out what the mystery wire goes to loo the oil level sensor. Now i just have to read the map and figure where it goes.

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