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"Cruiser of the Week or Month" Feature - Implemented as "Hall of Fame"

This idea originated here.

Please give it a "thumbs up" and comment here if you would like to see the "Cruiser of the Week" (or month) feature come back. If we bring the feature back we'll still have to decide the meaning of COTW (COTM) and who and how they are being selected.

Updated 7/2/12:

This discussion seems to be stuck. I liked the Ocanada's proposal to form a committe to pick members based on their contributions.
Kyle would like to continue the COTW feature since it's included in this weekly emails.
We could either have the committe pick members for the COTW or come up with a totally different name, COTM would be confusing in my opinion. Maybe "Hall of Fame" or something like that.

Update 10/1/12:

We have assembled a small commitee of members, have decided on the "Hall of Fame" as the name of the feature and have finalized the selection criteria. We'll announce something in the next few weeks. Thanks to everyone for the input.

Update 12/15/12:
The Hall of Fame has been announced



I think "YES" your Uweness. Monthly I am thinking. Predominantly because it hurts if I do it more often!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes COTM would work for me.

COTM convinces me more

polssken you trouble maker! lol COTM is fine. Maybe could be combined with the calendar?

Ouuups.... I shold say: COTM... Sorry....

COTM I like that


Terry (crAzyAce)

COTM for me. When is it my turn? lol

COTM for me too.


Hmmmm, maybe COTW/COTM (month being first week and chosen on the last week of the month before?

Terry (crAzyAce)

After reading all the comments on the COTM my thought would be each month the COTM would be chosen from a differant country, this would represent all members worldwide, all critera could be determined as the site develops. Just a thought.

Hey everyone, I'm just getting back from a gruelling weekend buying show/party so I have some catching up to do. Like the others COTM is good for me, more importantly probably better for the site. The only downfall that I can see is that you are not recognising new members if they are active as soon as they join. In saying that, and knowing that it has been done in the past, I can recall congratulating many that just joined and recieved the reward. They vast majority did not stick around because they recieved the reward, in reality the vast majority of new members didn't even know what it was about. I do have some ideas that will involve getting a group of members together to help in the decision making process it it is okay with Uwe and Kyle. In my opinion there are many long term "users" that could be recognised and the only way to build the image of the reward is to have recipients that most members recognise because of their contributions to the site. New members may then have something to strive for,,,Off to work now, I'll join in any conversations later...

I´m with Tony!

Polssken...does your wife know about you and Tony?


Al, hell yeah, she joins us with the rest of the girls, I guess Coralie hasn't explained her recent absence yet eh? lol

Sounds like a plan Tony!

Instead of seeing pictures of various cruiser's, I would like to see more reviews of the various cruisers from the people who ride them. That section only has 2 reviews. Yes, there are mags out that does articles on the various bikes, but that is limited. Would like to hear from the people who have bought and sold bikes as to what they liked and didn't like about the bikes. Like going to the store and reading the product reviews before making a decision to buy. Maybe incorporate this into member's profiles. Reviews posted could be put in for drawing for COTW since there are a lot of different cruisers.

I'M WITH TONY(again)Bring back COTW but to people that actually contribute something not just signing on,like in the past..............

I contribute hearburn and angst....does that count 'yella?

Great comment, Randy, I'll add that as a new idea for everyone to vote on.

Go Randy. Nice idea.

And what would be considered a contribution, pics, vids, discussions and how active would you have to be? You might have the ocassional user but when that member is logged in he or she may have a great review of a product or great vid; how do you rate that user? My point, not everyone lives on the site and it takes a while to build up a repor with people. A lot of members have been friends for a long time and each new member does search for their group of friends the longer they are in.

HELL YAH.......nothing like a good contribution of sort

Well on that point,why can't we have the new member of the month.Show cased on the calender,based on tha things he or she does the first month they are a member,maybe most points gathered ?????

And so it grows! All good.

The first month is great but I have noticed most people don't go full bore that first month I as an example took a while to feel comfortable with throwing my 2 pennies in the pot at first. You need to get a feel for the site and follow along for awhile to see how it works. Hell I can't find one member from SD that is active here, a little dissapionted in my fellow state members. Feel like the lone wolf.

Good point Bill, like the rest of us it takes some time to really contribute or feel comfortable, none of us started off with any friends, they were all gained from interacting on the site, comments on each others pics, videos, and discussions. Its through these interactions that we've gotten to know one another. I really don't think that because someone posts a good review when they first start or even flood the site with pics that there should be recognition for that. I don't even think the new member would expect recognition. It is a community and recognition is gained from your peers, or members that continue to frequent the site because they enjoy what it has to offer and contribute to it. The suggestion was to have a committee, this way you would have possibly six or seven current active members from different geographical areas all working together to determine the COTM. Guidelines of course would have to be followed and recognition of the winner would have meaning. If a reward was to be given to every person on the site that contributed a good comment, and given the fact that there may be in excess of a hundred thousand members, it may turn into COTS or cruiser of the second and no one would care.

...I could log on with a new name very month.........

I do like the idea of the COTM but it isn't the top priorty It's more important to be a part of something like the site and just enjoy what the site gives you. Thanks to the people that have friended up with me and the people who respond to my comments.

Right on brother!

Hey SDbiker,
You can't find anybody from South Dakota because everyone moves away like me. Most of my family still lives there, but none of them ride bikes. Have a brother-in-law living in Sioux Falls. They only come back and visit during Sturgis Week when the population doubles again. I have kinda of found the same for Oregon. Finally ran across a member just up the road from me. Haven't got a chance to ride together but do have phone numbers and working on getting time to go ride together. If my body holds out, plan on riding back there in August. Will get to Tyndall, as far east in the state before heading back towards Oregon.

Hi sdbiker ,
Lone wolf.... Tell me about it!!!!! I seems to be only guy from Sweden here. I dot feel alone at all. In fact I never feld alone here. From the very begining I´ve got warm welcoming from all members. I made many friends on CCC because I tried to be active: I posted photos, videos , comments. I think that it´s very important to write a little more about yourself, show a pic of who you are; don´t be anonymous... The more open you are the faster you get friends....
I worked for me - it will works for everyone!

Uwe...may I suggest a basket for this....a "Too Hard Basket" commitee made up of a member from each country with a sub commitee in each of those countries perhaps....C'mon guys. I reckon it's a site to enjoy, make friends, have a joke, talk bikes...and not make life too hard for those that spend their time and money providing this great place for us to meet.

It's true Bill,some of us are still friends with Marek regardless of his pic! lol

Uwe. Make a decision and we will all support it. You watch.

no one from OZ no beer drinkers no woman chases no man chasers no cihnooks and no bloody idoti germans drunk from OZ and no dame pill pushers . that will make it easy to pick and no wine drinkers too

Well that makes sure that 3/4 of the CCC site are not eligible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3/4 Phil? I reckon Clyde is the only candidate! lol

i dont go againt kyle he wantes cotw we want cotm why not have kyle do cotw and we do cotm like say some one like capt bob for all his out standing help and there are others not me for dane sure i belive this would not step on any toes reason i belive there are just 12 months last time i counted we can do that kyle has full control of cotw it been his and should stay his and it got 52 weeks the more the merry and dr phill on port is merry as all hell O C for the work with copper guy passine cotm just my say but never vote for me you all would be nuts and i wouldn't want it

yes you would Clyde, yes you would!!!!! LOL

Something to look at is, some don't add a lot of pics or videos, but that doesn't mean they aren't contributing. I for one don't upload something unless I have a reason too so not that much nor invite friends just to have a lot of them and I'm sure there are others too. Again like it was posted earlier. Some don't have the time that others do to spend on the site and that should be taken into consideration as well. The possibilities are very broad and it can be WAY over analyzed. That would make it more like a job for the committee and we wouldn't want anyone discouraged to be here. It's a great idea, but can become taxing on the people making the decisions. idk just something to add i guess.

Terry (crAzyAce)

Some great points Terry, I'm guessing that a committee of active members will have much more exposure to the site and its members on a daily basis than one person. That one person that has taken this on initially from the concept up, and done one helluva job to present is Kyle. My suggestion especially with the amount of changes that CC is currently undergoing is to have this committee free up some valuable time for Kyle and at the same time will give some members the opportunity to give back to the community that we share..a win win situation.

Tony.... I saw Win, what did I win? Something for my new bike perhaps......

Hey Marek, My lone wolf comment was simply an observation as to my fellow SD members and in no way was ment towards CCC. I will post my pic but will not be responsible for the site crashing !!!!!!!! Do I have to wear a hat like yours or can I pick my own?

Randy, if you make it back to SD let me know and we can meet for lunch or something I'm not that far from Tyndall, was home to Colome last week and the town is still dead. Lived in Denver for 4 years in late 70s and really miss it.

I say cruiser of the morning, cruiser of the afternoon, and cruiser of the evening. That way we can get more people in and give out more reweards. Just sayin'.lol.......................

Hey Cyrus, great idea..I'll be an evening cruiser so I can chase down my own rewards. Smart ass gemini'


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