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Ok this has probly been answered but did CruiserCustomizing get bought out



Akphill, Competition accessories bought out CC about 1 year ago.

Sure was and there was much speculation of what would happen to the site. But though there have been some changes we are still here

Where did cruiser customizing online site go? Call their phone numbers are disconnected

Thanks guys guess I missed all that lol

TB they are gone swallowed up by another company

Shhhh.....if we don't make too much noise here, CA won't know they are paying for this site. If they do find out....I'll be out of a job. Lol

Well Bunny if your profile is right your the oldest rider I know. Well done. Damn you look good for 104 what your secret.

Face cream....and an soft lens Raymond. Lol. It would be interesting to see who our oldest rider is. It's not me, I'm just a pup with my 47 years behind bars....and still learning.

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