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Dangerous tires

I've been riding for decades and have put hundreds of thousands of miles on my bikes. In the last few years, I put a Dunlop Elite 3 tire on my 1993 Goldwing, and noticed right away that it seems a little unstable in the rain, or quick stops. I was riding on a beautiful summer day, with no rain or anything else that could have affected the road, when I started down a hill in a town, at 30 kph. I saw the traffic was pretty thick at the bottom so I touched my brakes and, before I knew what was happening, I found the back tire had swung around and was almost in front of me, before I even had a chance to react to it. Trying to get control of the bike, I got thrown off, and slid, on my back down the hill till I hit the curb with my shoulder. I was grabbed almost immediately by an off duty peramedic who figured my neck was broken and wouldn't let me up. I was paralized on my left side for over six weeks because of this accident and I had just taken collision off the bike less than a week earlier, so I couldn't even put a claim into my insurance. Since a Goldwing has a warning sticker inside the trunk that says not to let your Center Tread wear down below .06 mm deep, or the tire becomes a danger on the road, I was wondering why, since Goodyear bought Dunlop, they would make a tire that has no center tread on it? The Dunlop Elite 3 tires is basically running a slick on pavement and tends to wander when it's going down the road. I did try to get a recall done on those tires but a man from the M.T.O. actually told me over the phone that if it was a car or truck tire, they would have reacted on it right away, but because it was a motorcycle tire, it was, "Buyer Beware." They don't police motorcycle tires the same way they do cars and trucks so he literally told me that it was too bad my bike got totalled but they wouldn't even look at the tire to see if it was a danger on the road. I have driven hundreds of thousands of miles on my bikes, and even helped to start the GWTA in Barrie Ontario. I couldn't believe I got this reaction from the M.T.O. but I did, and I lost my bike, along with the ability to ride again because my hips were screwed as well. I recently go a new hip put in so I bought a 1982 Goldwing, and ride a lot again. I'm writing this question to try to warn other bikers about these tires, but have hit a brick wall from a lot of bikers, because they haven't had an accident yet, with those tires, so they call me a liar and tell me it must have been my fault that the bike did that. I am known as one of the safest riders in the GWTA when I was in it, and really get annoyed at these riders who don't know what they are talking about, but yet, they have the warning signs in their own bikes that say these tires are a hazard.




Sounds like MTO was giving you a load of crap. Did you talk to a lawyer about it? I'm glad you are able to ride again, thank god you are still here to talk about it.

Good to hear you are up and riding again!

I must say that I am quite happy with the Dunlop E3 Radials on my '98 Valkyrie. Currently about 10,000 miles (16,000 km) into my third set, I figure I have 6,000 - 8,000 miles (9,600 - 12,800 km) of good tread left before replacing -- based on the mileage from the previous two sets.

I've ridden many -- maybe too many miles in the rain and have never felt unsafe with these tires. (Just last Saturday morning, Sept 13th, I rode better than 200 miles (320 km) in non-stop rain as I traveled to a friend's memorial service near the Texas coast.) I've also ridden in dense fog, severe thunderstorms, hi wind, extreme heat and near freezing temps on all kinds of road surfaces across 23 states on the E3's. Whether riding in stop and go city traffic, cruising through country back roads or speeding down super highways, the E3's have never shown any adverse issues.

So, for me -- or maybe my riding style -- the Dunlop E3 Radials seem to work pretty well. My only complaint would be that they are a bit overpriced…but that's another story!

I have no experience with the E3 but as far as the style of the tire my Sporty uses a Michelin tire that is very much the same style and have no trouble. I am on my 3rd set in 45000 mi and have been in all types of weather and on all types of roads. I am truly sorry for you accident and am very glad to hear you are back on a bike. It could have been much worse I am sure, And the sticker in the trunk is like "Really". Who would ever look there for tire info.... and .06 seems awful little to me, but that's just me...

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