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The dark side

Okay gentleman I've heard a lot of discussion my question is I have an 05 Honda Goldwing a lot of people talking about the pros and cons of a car tire on a bike does anyone out there actually have experience with more than one particular brand of car tire on their bike I wonder what Tire sing the last well have excellent traction and a good ride I think I've already made the decision to put a car tire on the bike I just need to be sure which one please respond



A motorcycle spends a lot of time riding on the tires sidewalls.
Like every time the bike leans in even the slightest turn.
Car tires are not made to do this.
The Darksiders can argue all they want.
You can't repeal the laws of Physics.

Seems kind of scary to me ...if one has to keep compensating with the car tire (ie. the tire trying to keep flat or parallel with the pavement) whats the sense? Riding is supposed to be fun and having total confidence in your equipment as opposed to constantly compensating in curves, or even with the slightest lean - and that's under normal circumstances - what happens in a situation which requires a split second decision - a quick swerve to avoid an object (even something as simple as debris on the road). If you have it in your head that there may be an unpredictable response , it may cause even the slightest hesitation, which as riders we all know can result in a bad situation, or worse. All this to make your ride stay upright easier (which right there tells you that it's too flat to the road); or to save save a few bucks? Not worth it at all ...just my opinion

I doubt you will find any of the regulars on this site who are Darksiders. I agree with Edwin ... you cannot defy the laws of physics in relation to cornering on a motorcycle. And I agree with the view expressed in the link Gordo attached ... if you are going to assess the suitability of car tyres for a motorcycle, compare high end, performance car tyres; motorcycle tyres are a high performance product. Good luck with your decision.

I wonder what it would be like if I put motorcycle tyres on my car. Smiley-wink

Tezza ... great for going around corners if you can lift the car onto two wheels

It would look funny.
Back to the original question though. Do Can Ams use car tyres or are they classified as a motorcycle tyre?

I’ve test driven one ... can’t actually remember ... but the rear is definitely squared off like a car tyre ... can’t recall the the profile of the front ones

Plain wrong I say, if getting the best mileage out of a tyres is your goal and saving money then don't own a motorcycle.

That's all I'm going to say on the matter

By being a Honda Valkyrie rider and riding with other Honda Valkyrie riders, I see a lot of dark side conversions up close and personal. The Valkyrie Riders forum seems to have an ongoing discussion about the dark side...what size tire, what brand, what tread, what air pressure and even what is the best front tire to use in combination with what car tire. I would assume that there is a similar ongoing discussion with Goldwing riders. Also, a quick Google search will produce a lot of information quickly.

One thing you may want to check into before you go dark side is the matter of liability and insurance. Will your insurance coverage still be valid with a car tire on your motorcycle? Will you be personally held liable in the event of an accident...even if you are not at fault? ...etc.

Now, having said that...whenever I'm asked to discuss dark side, my response is this, "Motorcycle tires are for motorcycles and car tires are for cars." End of discussion.

To quote Chris Farley (TommyBoy) - "You can get a good look at a T-Bone by shovin' your head up a bull's @$$, but wouldn't ya rather take the butcher's word for it?"

You can try to do your own engineering and consider the opinion of laymen, or you can trust the professional and expert opinion of decades worth of research and engineering. This research and engineering takes place at tire manufacturers, motorcycle race teams, motorcycle manufacturers, physics labs, government transportation safety entities, insurance actuaries, etc., etc.
Somebody can tell me "I've ridden thousands of miles on car tires and I've never had a problem." I consider it the same as someone saying "I don't need a ladder, I'll just stand on this chair." I'm sure it has worked fine for others (up until the split second it doesn't work fine - then "OOOOHHH S#!T!!!").
Until I see a professional motorcycle team race the Isle of Man on a car tire, or a manufacturer release a motorcycle with a car tire, or even a tire manufacturer publicly advertise a car tire as an excellent and safe alternative for your motorcycle - I will never even consider this misapplication of tools.

I had a friend just this summer he had a car tire on his Gold wing. He ran it for years. Until one day he got hit. His insurance would not cover any damage or hospital bills because he had a unauthorised tire on his bike. The bike was totaled and he had several broken bones. He survived but all the expenses were on him. He may even get sued by the gal that hit him. He modified the bike without Honda's written approval.Honda was named in the suit also. I haven't heard anything more as he is still recovering.

Not only is the car tire a bad idea the motorcycle rims dont' support the sealing bead of a car tire properly. It take about 135-140 psi to seat the bead of a car tire to the motorcycle rim. These two rims are very different in design at the mounting of the sealing bead. I would not ever mount a car tire on a motorcycle rim. MY skin is way more important than saving $150 on a tire.

Charlie, I've asked dark side guys I know about the insurance side. They all tell me their insurer said it was ok. None of them got anything in writing. I think it's personal preference but not for me. Bike and tyre manufacturers spend a lot of money on R & D for their product.
I'm happy to use a product for the purpose it was designed. No C/T on my 1500 Valk or 1800 Oldwing.

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