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Wondering what size car tire will fit my bike?




I wouldn't do that!!!!!! Bad shit has been known to happen

What Valerie said. Will affect your turn-in to corners; the bike will fight you and want to stand up. You might get away with it on a bike with a (really) fat rear tyre ... but not on a Shadow 750 ... IMHO

Sorry man but car tyres are for cars and bike tyres are for bikes for good reason, just gotta look at the differences in shape. No amount of extra mileage could possible justify using car tyres. Period.

I'm with all the above. If you never lean your bike I suppose it might make sense. Not for me.

And now for the why not: Read the whole thing.

Good artical Edwin

I spoke to a Bridgestone factory rep about it a few weeks back because I have a buddy that does it on his 02 Valkyrie. He said that other than the obvious profile and shape problems that the shoulder of the tire when given the stresses that a bike puts on it will almost definitely make the tire fail. It might just be a broken belt to give you a vibration or it could be a total failure resulting in a crash. If the insurance company does a post accident investigation you will not be covered because the tire was being used for something other than it’s intended purpose. Just don’t do it.


Okay I don't see anyone with any positive feedback so I may have to reconsider. I have some friends that have done this and love it. They say it's a much smoother ride and handles great. They wouldn't recommend for a crotch rocket though

The final decision is yours ... bearing in mind that the the advice you’ve been offered is based on several hundred years of combined riding experience.

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