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'Dead red" law passes in Indiana

While I have been frustrated with sitting at a red light, feeling the heat of the road and engine becoming uncomforatbale, I am not sure how I feel about this law passing. The "red" light is just a limited form of protection from cages that fail to pay attention in the first place, now I have, after 2 minutes the right to "run" it.
New market idea, a stop watch that begins upon a complete stop and holds time once movement is detected needs to be produced. Will need some kind fo proof for police officers that rider meet required time frame.
Wonder how the rest of you feel about this law and if your in a State that has this law, do you excercise it? 



The same here in Washington State. After June it will be ok to go through the lite after 90sec. or 2 cycles. I like it. I have been at a lite for over 5min waiting for the thing to change. I end up running the lite anyway. Now I can do it legal..You still have to be VERY carefull.

I don't know if you see it in your area as much as I see it in mine, but a lot of people punch it through amber lights to beat the cycle, I could see this being a massive issue. Imagine if you are riding down the road, approaching a nearly vacant intersection, save for one cager waiting at the lights, you have the green, but he has waited long enough to pass through the red. He runs the red as you pass right through on the green, and a T-bone ensues...
Theoretical I know, but it is something I could see happening quite frequently. I think a red light is your last line of defense when it comes to traffic lights, and though there are no certainties, it still provides accountability.

The law as far as Indiana is concerned is only for motorcycles or bicycles...thank goodness! I agree, traffic lights are a last line of defense, but it seems a little crazy to place myself in the middle of an intersection knowing I an legal but still not the one with the right of way.
And the bigger questions is the discussion that will take place with the police officer when one exercises this law. I live in a small town and our PD stations an Officer at intersection of the two State highways that pass through spot to exercise this new law, as traffic after 10 pm is almost nonexistent.
I will post the results.

Be safe exercising the new law in June!

I will. The life I save may be mine!!

that is such a stupid new law. If you cant sit and wait a couple of minutes it means you are impatient and not relaxed and shouldnt be out there on the road.These inpatient ppl already run red lights or try to beat the change on amber. If everyone followed the rules and was patient no accidents would happen at intersections. I say remove the lights and
make roundabouts

Simply unbelievable. As I have said many times before, drivers' first and last motor vehicle "training" if one can call it training, was when 15 years old, full of raging hormones, a droning instructor full of themself and their power over teenagers, where keeping a kid's attention on driving was at the level of stop and go, not performance, not safety, not all the sophisticated nuances of performance that they think they know by the time they are 21. Unbelievable how smart these 15 year olds have now become. We need secondary driver training across our country. My dad is 92 and has limited sight but Florida renewed his license without question until 2020, 2020 really? LOL, he will be 102 then.

Here in Ga. sometimes the magnetic sensor in the road will not pick up that a bike is sitting there. I can't say that's why the new laws making it legal to run the light but IMO sensors that aren't a piece of shit would be a better answer.

Don't agree with it at all. Is opening up a can of worms in relation to the potential for accidents!!

sounds like a disaster recipe.

I know what you mean. I go to work at 4 or 5am some times. There is a couple of lights that just never change so I will wait a couple of cycles and then go. I don't think Missouri has any laws for or against this practice. But you do have to be careful no matter if the light is green or red. There is always going to be some idiot out there that is not paying attention. I would like to see tougher laws for drivers that pull out in front of bikes [motorcycles]. Any thoughts?

As far as the "I didn't see you" side of things go, I agree 100%. I had some jerk wad merge on top of me the other day. If I wasn't already on the brake I and my partner would still be underneath his car. And another idiot at a servo literally pull out right into my path ( a metre in front of me) without even looking. And with his kids in the car to boot. Hell of an example to set.

Has anyone ever tried those super strong magnets that you place under the bike. It's supposed to cause a disturbance in the magnetic field. Thus, activating the traffic signal. I placed one on my bike, cuz there's a signal near my house that doesn't activate. Unfortunately (or shall I say fortunately), I haven't been at the light alone to be able to test the magnet. I should be able to try it tonight since I'm working the late shift. I'll let you know if it works.

I've ridden with a home made "Green Light Trigger" for years. I simply found a small (3" x 5" x 3/4") plastic box, cut a few small slots for zip ties to pass through and ordered a couple of 110lb rare earth magnets from Edmund Scientific placed them in the box with some silicon seal to hold everything nicely, found a spot under my Shadow as low as possible and, Ta-Da! Working green trigger. Sorry, don't agree with the whole "Dead Red" idea, to me it seems like a good excuse to just pull out in front of a person with no warning. And no, Silverado, Missouri State law doesn't say anything, it's kind of up to the individual municipality and/or the office who sees you doing it to make that call.

Thanks Grey Falcon, I didn't get to try the magnet tonight. It was over 100° today and I didn't feel like sweating my ass off while on my way to work. Theoretically, it's supposed to work according to the manufacturer. I have yet to try it out. I don't know how many lbs it pulls, but I know it's strong. I had trouble placing it, cuz as soon as I got close to the metal under the bike it flew out of my hand (and I was holding it tight).

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