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Disconnecting AIS on Roadstar

how do you disconnect the AIS on. 1700 Roadstar without the block off kit?




You didn't give your year on your bike so I don't know if it fuel injected. Earlier Road Stars have carbs. This is using a Baron's kit but if you look at the parts in the kit you will see what you need' On the carb versions there is a vacumn line you need to plug. A golf tee with a small hose clamp will work.

Just did mine with a Barons kit. For $20.00 it was worth it, as I took the whole pump off. Gives the engine a cleaner look. The hose your wanting to block is a 3/4 inch hose.

My Road Star is a 2006 XV1700 A with Spoke Wheels, I bought the Barons kit but haven't had a chance to get it done yet,, I have a question though will taking this off help take away the back fireing I get every time I let off the throttle, and also will this help stop the oil blow by from out of the airbox?

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