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Discussion Topic / Subject Diversion

Ever had a question asked or issue raised that is slightly off topic and wanted to answer it or explore it without hijacking the discussion thread? There has been a lot of posts about discussion hijacking, reading many of the treads it seems to be a natural progression of the conversation and things divert often without any deliberate or ill intent.

It would be great to be able to allow a spin off "new" discussion or "subject" diversion to occur when something comes up that is not quite on topic. This would  allow people to create a topic spin off so off topic issues can continue as say the "child" or sub topic of the discussion without it filling up the main discussion thread. That way those who want to stay on topic can without needing to wade through all the other comments and those wanting to follow the new thread tangent can still follow both, or just the off topic stuff. Sometimes starting a complete new discussion may not really be warranted and if it is merely responding to something bought up in the original discussion is not something anyone would probably start as a new discussion anyway.

I think this would be a helpful function. Does anyone else agree? Can it actually be programmed into the site? I am not a prgrammer so do not know if it is possible.




Good idea. It's hard enough now trying to keep up with comments on posts.

That's true but often the spin offs are simply funny and I need as many smiles as I can get so while I like to follow the thread I like to see the smart arse comments as well, but that's just me.

Well, I admit; I´m one of them who sometimes is involved in those "hijackings".... It happens often when members feel that the topic is covered enough...

Now, I think your idea is GREAT.... I would make everybody happy... The only question is if it´s technically possible...
Again - I give it a very big thumb up!!!!

Marek I'm shocked, I never knew you to go off topic. You never actually started on topic. Wat was the topic?

I thought you were going to bed ??

It´s morning here!!!!

Good morning Marek Smiley-laughing

Skype (to awoid hijacking)?

What's a Hijacking or two between friend's, It's part of the fun, But it is a valid point you have made

guilty of all, the comment of technical. The art of conversation and thinking is what differentiates us from robot so far. This may be why it is not able to be technically done yet, but then there is the "UWENESS"

All interesting comments. To coin an old Aussie phrase, "your a weird mob". Smiley-laughing for those non Aussies, it is not an insult but a term of endearment.

I still like my suggestion.

We need to stay that way its part of the site if we didnt go off topic were would we go ????????????

Thanks Norman...You don´t have explain it to me mate... I´m 1/4 Aussie... LOL...
Aussies can tell you why..................

Or rather... ASK you WHY you allowed me to be an Aussie...
( You´re in trouble mate... In deep s**t LOL) ..

The only reason he thinks he is Aussie is because he knows the history of our colony and he would have been the first person they put on the boat. LOL

Thanks guys, honorary Aussies and full bloods.

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