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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - charity fund raising ride 28 Sept

The DGR is a global charity fund raising event that will be run on Sunday 28 September 2014. It is an intiative of the world's motorcycling fraternity. Funds raised will be directed to the fight against prostate cancer. The DGR has been run before but I am participating for the first time this coming Sunday. I will be riding my Sportster Cafe Racer. Not sure what i will be wearing but it has to be "dapper"!

The last time I looked at the DGR website, Australia was top of the leader board with both the number of registered riders and funds donated thus far !!! Not bad considering the size of our population.

As at 23 September I had raised AU$500 - very happy with that as my contribution. However, if anyone in the CC Community is minded to donate - from anywhere in the world - please go to the DGR website (link below), find me, Peter Vardos, via the Find A Rider dialogue box and then follow the instructions to donate via the Donate tab. Payment can be made via credit card or PayPal.  

Cheers, Vardy



I thought of you when I first saw this a few weeks ago Peter. I'll gladly support you in this one. I wished I could ride but the bike rules don't let me it seems. I'll have to get the XS 650 on the road so I can be in the classic group

Thank you Adrian - I had a bit of a scare recently in relation to prostate cancer ..... so very happy to support the cause. Cheers old chap!

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