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Does this cover the axle bolt

Does the end of the of the cover extend over the axle bolt.  I could not tell from the photo.




I doubt it otherwise you wont be able to get the rear wheel off without removing the cover. Have a look at the installation instructions and it might give you a better idea of the way it fits and where it fits as well as a better view of the item.

View the installation guide which is listed under the Advert and you will see that it does'nt interfere with any of the bolts..... that's why the instructions are shown.....a picture worth a thousand words ?....oh well, now there's both...

Thanks for the Help. I had looked at the installation guide but still wasn't clear about how far it extended. Now I know. Appreciate the comments and help.


Any old time Russ, we are here to assist, whether you require it or not, we're like that tho .....

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