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Donation for Australian flood relief?

I have been searching for a donation site for international donations to help flood victims, but have found none!  I have only been able to find donation sites set up by the government for Australian residents.  Either I'm looking with the wrong search engine (Google) or this is staying inside the Ausi boarders?  With this scope of devastation, there has to be an international response?  Please let us that can help financially, know what website is a good one for the best relief help.

Thanks, Jim_Vtxsoul



This is an official Queensland Govt web site with all the detlails you need.  Thanks for caring.


Good on ya Jim also check out donation website for the R.S.P.C.A (Royal Society for the Prevention and Cruellty to Animals)you can donate online.Its a mamoth task up there it will take at least two years to re build .Cheers from downunder.Neil

Thanks Phil and Brock,

Phil I was at that site earlier and thought is was for residents only.  I'll click through and donate through that web site.  I didn't know if there where and Red Cross or Salvation Army type aid sites.  Those two sites I mentioned talk about the calamity, but i couldn't find a way to direct my donation.  I'l give the Queensland site a try.  Thanks and God bless.

thanks for the help mate the people who need the help will be happy to thank you as well . there are floods in 3 states or to be more clear 50% of Australia

Thanks for posting, I'll do my part. We get very little information of the flooding in Canada,,I wonder why it is not getting the recognition of other recent catastrophies,,are things now under control??

Rain has stopped in the Sth East Qld which is the bottom cnr of the state where most of the flooding occured now the cleanup has commenced and then the rebuild at least 2yrs.Further west of that area flooding continues in the more rural towns with many cut of for another month.Supplys are being choppered in by army blackhawks and C17s and C130s continue to fly much needed supplys in from the southern states.It is the wet season combined with La Nina so cyclones are forming of the north of Queensland in the Coral sea so fingers crossed these dont develope and cross onto land causing the potential for more flooding.In the bottom of Australia you have Victoria and today there is much rural flooding in many towns which will drop and run of fairly quickly as long as the rain doesnt continue.The wet season in Australia ends in March.We have been in drought for the last ten years.Cheers Neil

Thanks to all who have donated or just offered words of support. These guys really need it. Wish we didn't have to look for it but I guess at some time the help we've offered to other countries is going to come back to us.

I donated to the Sallies flood relief.

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