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Don't buy these

If you guys remember purchased a set of highway bar lights from a place called cirius. They looked real nice but they did not fit my bike I was assured I would get a full refund sent them back it is now 3 months later and I have been told twice that they are indeed crediting my card however I still have not received a penny refund looks like I'm out almost $200



Disappointing ... not good. $200 is not a small amount! Valerie ... did you buy direct from them or via eBay ?

I bought them direct from the company I even spoke to the owner of the company who is shirred me a month-and-a-half ago that the money was going to be refunded that day yeah that didn't happen so I'm passing the word everybody cirius is not a company you want to deal with

And $200 is a whole lot of money too many of us

That sucks Valerie. Hopefully they'll get your money back to you soon

Sadly enough that's a kind of business you see more and more... unbelivable, I realy hope you get your money back but I think you think what I think and that is.... I think not...

You will probably never get back your money but Karma is karma. Irma just paid him a visit.

Call your credit card and tell them your story. Tell them you want the full credit and back charge the company. If you have a good credit card company (Chase) they will send them a back charge and will require them to make a dispute or it goes through. Keep your emails and back up if you have them. The credit card wont want it, but you may need it if they dispute. If it works you owe me a hamburger.

Great idea Drew.
Your right there Edwin

You're right there Drew, buying with a creditcard gives some kind of insurance isn't it?

Yes it is another layer of protection. But even in the US we are wary that good customer service may be lacking, but we haven't had that failure yet. Most folks in US are of good character, but time could change that. If your credit card is crap get ride of it.

I agree. We had a similar experience when National Airlines went out of business. We contacted VISA and they handled it.

Well I contacted the card company. They are checking it out. Now I just wait. Problem I see is that everything I have is email and no persons name just the companiy

If it was sent by their website you don't need a name. You got the credit card involved you will get your money or a reason. I can't imagine a good reason for not refunding a return of merchandise. Don't forget the hamburger.

Hang in there Valerie!

Good luck Val. Hope you get a refund.

Keep at them Val.

I'm tryin Terry. I hate naging people

Me too !! I have done customer service all my working life. When I get bad service I really hate it when they cant step up.

When it comes to $200 and they said they would refund it, then it is worth nagging. this is what I put on the Rebel. Replaced the 55 watt bulbs with LED bulbs I got at Batteries and Bulbs. The LED were $22 for the pair.

I agree with you Xero. Mostly prices are much the same so service is king. When you look at how hard it is to give good service....

The true test is how they respond when things don't go as planed.

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