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Draining Coolant Help?

I decided to drain the coolant in my bike since it is old and it is possible it was changed, if at all, long ago.

It is a 97 Suzuki Intruder 800.

I found the drain plug. However, it is so close to the left side exhaust pipe, that it cannot come off all the way. There is a nice help video in YouTube that uses in fact an Intruder (, but the intruder in the video has the plug just below the pipe so that it can be removed all the way. So, it drips at a rate of a drop every 4 to 9 seconds. I am patient, but I wanted to clean the inside of the radiator with distilled water after draining.

There is the hose directly below the radiator. I hesitated to try to remove the hose because it is tightly attached to the metal even after loosening the screws that tighten the aluminum straps.

What would you folks advise? Remove the hoses? How? They seem to be very tight.
Remove the exhaust pipe on the side of the drain plug to have full access to the plug?

Thank you!





It may be easier to remove the exhaust than try to get the hose off and back on. This way you won't damage the plug.

Thank you, Wayne. I have let it drip for about 12 hours now. The last time I looked, it seemed as if most of the coolant had come off. I will measure tomorrow the coolant in the pan and see if it is about capacity. Do you think it is necessary to rinse the radiator before adding the new coolant; if it is, then the problem with the drip is that the opening is not large enough for any particulates that are large. What I can see of the radiator (not much) does not seem to have any rust.

I will try to remove the exhaust... eventually. I was looking at the Clymer Manual, and I began to wonder whether I had to loosen the bolt holding the two mufflers together before I try to loosen the bolts that hold the clamp to the left muffler (in the vicinity of which the draining plug is located). But it's going to be cold and snowy this weekend!

How was your trip down south? I read in your initial descriptions that Google maps were not useful.

The trip has not happened yet. It is planned for June 20th of this summer. I was just trying to see if I could get a detailed map on goggle.
I would remove the mufflers cause in the long run it will be quicker and easier to deal with.Then you can just loosen the header pipes and swing them out of the way.

I will try that. It "seems" easy, but I am sure it will be a pain:-)

I completely misread your entries about your trip south! June is a great month for holidays. I hope to take a few-days solo ride in June after my wife and I go in May to Colombia (where I was born). Then, I hope to ride my bike in Canada either west along Lake Ontario or east along the St. Lawrence. (At least that's my plan.) I applied for the enhanced Driver's License when I renewed my license so that I do not have to carry my passport around when I go into Canada.

It should be fun 4500 mile ride. So far I think 10 guys are showing up. I have a Enhanced Commercial Drivers licence. Washington State issues them instead of a passport for Canada and Mexico. Sure makes it easy to get in and out of Canada. Canada seems to like the use of this style ID. They just scan and I get to go. I end up in Canada several times a year riding with friends. They are in Alberta and Saskatchewan. It is a great 12-15 hr ride from here and I always stop in Spokane WA to pick up a friend to ride with.

When ever I need to work on the engine or rear wheel assy I remove the muffler and loosen up the exhaust headers. It seems if I don't I will sooner or later. The Stratoliner is easy to do three bolts and done.

Wayne, I was able to remove the posts used in the clamp placed between exhaust pipes and muffler, and then to move the clamp around so that it was out of the way of the drain plug. When I took the plug out, the remaining coolant poured out. About half of the coolant poured out, so it was a good idea to get that clamp out of the way. Thanks!

Any time Mario. Glade you got it flushed out.

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