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Easy Battery Maintenance Project

I haven't been riding much during the rainy weather and always enjoy a few hours of good weather on the weekend to start my bike and freshen up the battery. A poorly maintained battery can take the fun out of your day and money out of your pocket. After my ride around the block this afternoon I noticed the EZ Charger New Generation Fail-Safe Automatic Battery Charger box sitting on the garage shelf. I purchased the charger, made by BRW Technology, Inc, several years ago from JC Whitney (# 81-3125) to keep the battery on the Honda CM400 charged. I 'know' all this because I still had the original shipping container. This gadget is a little black box about the size of two books of matches, attached to one side of the box by several feet of low voltage cable is the typical "box-like" 2-prong plug/transformer, and attached to the other side of the box a short run of additional cable terminating in a 2-wire push plug connector. The charger included both the ring terminal leads for the plug connection (to install on the battery for a fixed plug-in installation) and clamp terminals on a plug for utility uses of the charger. Unfortunately I don't remember the cost, but suspect the price was between ten and twenty dollars shipped. The installation was quick, about 30 minutes, mainly to install the two-wire ring terminal connectors to the Fury's battery terminals. I had to get the manual out to locate the battery and refresh myself on side cover removal procedures. Once the terminal wires are attached using a big phillips (+) screwdriver (the only tool required for the project) the only thing remaining was to route the push connector to a suitable location, in my case near the rear foot peg. After a few days of use on the motorcycle, the charger needs to go on the wife's car (since she's always driving my truck). The included clamp connectors have that application covered.  Overall, installing the connectors for this charger on my Honda Fury was a lot easier and much quicker than writing this blog entry, and hopefully better done. Happy trails.



I have one also. Works great.. Welcome to the site...I think you like it.

they work great  just like the batter trender jr by the sound of it

Great idea, something everyone should do.  Not only does this keep the battery charged up so the bike starts after sitting, but it also extends the life of the battery.  Letting a battery sit and discharge is the WORST thing for it!  I'm always amazed how many of us will spend thousands of dollars on chrome and accessories but won't spend $40 for something so basic.  I keep my battery plugged in almost all of the time.  Thanks for the reminder.

One afterthought, when selecting a charger/battery tender, check what type of battery you have and if the charger is compatible.  Many of the later bikes use AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries as opposed to lead-acid batteries, and all chargers are NOT compatible with the AGM batteries.  They will damage them. 

The original battery in my bike lasted just over a year.  I bought a battery tender and it has been perfect since.

I bought one EZ Charger about 25 years ago and another about 18 years ago. Would like to get another for my son, but cannot find one anywhere on the Internet. I searched JC Whitney and ebay. I called the phone numbers for BRW Technology that are listed on the packages and manuals - they don't work.

These chargers are fantastic. They keep batteries in sitting vehicles in good shape. I don't understand why they are no longer available.

Does anyone know of a similar product that can be left attached to a stored vehicles battery that charges only as needed?

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