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ecu/cdi heating up

can somebody help me my vstar 1100 custom 2007 has developed i starting problem i have no spark on either coil checked resistance got measure of 4.2 across both of them swapped out plugs and caps on trying to start the bike  i touched the ecu/cdi black box found its really hot if fact too hot to touch if i need a new ecu/cdi doe,s anyone know if the dynatek units are any good as they are about 200 pounds cheaper then oem

any help info really appreciated





Oh boy, the dreaded basket of snakes problem. If you look at the wiring diagram, you will see that the ignitor unit has around10 inputs. The heat is caused by excessive current flow which means something upstream may have failed. If this is the case, your new unit will have a very short life expectency. A shop manual, a digital voltmeter and patient methodical checking is called for.

Spark problem and...cdi over heating problem

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