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Editor for Descriptions and Comments - in development

On the old site there was an "Editor" feature that allowed you to format your descriptions and comments, add links, smileys and even embed photos and videos.

If this is a high priority to you please rate it "thumbs up"

update 5/6/12:
A first version of the editor is now ready for testing.



Nice to have but not super important.

I'm with Al.

I liked the old feature.

Thumb up! I really miss those features.
It would be nice to be able to embed a pic or even a video to discussion. That way we can avoid to upload a vid separately and it would not take any place in Videos/Photos List...

What turbo said.

Thumbs up for me...

What Albert said

Take it or leave it, not a major deal.

I LIKE IT !!!!

thumbs up for me too

Thumbs up. Agree with Polssken. Times would like to reply with video or picture. Can add it when you get time. Remember to go riding every now and again. All work makes a dull person or something like that.

Thumbs up. I really liked the feature!

instead of adding an editor I suggest we add the ability to upload photos to comments. That would make it much easier to add photos from a mobile device.
What do you all think?

God idea!

yes, but also make it available for the laptop or computer, I hate trying to type and reply on Iphone..

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