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The effects of Ethanol

I just wondered if anyone noticed thier gas mileage has dropped over the last 7 years as apposed to what they used to get.  Mine used to be 42, now for the last 7 years of so it is between 33-37.  Are you experiencing this too.  Any other effects?



Ethanol is bad for any engine and fuel system. You might as well just dump water in the tank for all the good it does. less fuel mileage ,burn more fuel then you get more Hydro carbons. because you burn more fuel cause the fuel has Ethanol. The stuff corrodes the fuel system it destroys anything rubber like o'rings ,rubber tip needles (carb) Rubber fuel lines. It attacks aluminum in the carbs. It causes your fuel lines, tanks to rust up causing even more repairs and downtime to the rig your driving. I try to run NON Ethanol fuel as much as I can. There are several stations that have that here in town. I know it is hard to find just anywhere. I do lot of repair work due to Ethanol fuel. Seems the smaller the engine the worse the Ethanol seem to be on their operation. There is a site that has all the Ethanol free fuel stations in the USA listed. I think Randy had that information once. He tries to buy ethanol free fuel too. I'l look for it anyway. I found it This located all the Ethanol free stations US and Canada

Ethanol fuel is a rarity here. I won't use it for any reason.

Here in the US it is widespread in efforts to reduce of usage of gasoline, so that countries like yours can use the real stuff.

make you blind sometime just crosseyed

Don't drink bad for you.

Drew ... sorry, but the US government is not that magnanimous with its foreign partners ... not even close allies. It's objective of achieving oil self sufficiency is a strategic one .... to decrease its dependence on oil imports from unstable parts of the world (primarily the Middle East and South America) and to cushion the impact of future global oil shortages. Hard to find a definitive figure but best estimates put US oil self sufficiency at over 65%. Some "experts" estimate that this figure is much higher. The use of ethanol should be seen in that context .... much like a hamburger mince extender !

Well if we would quit sending most of the Alaskan oil to China we might do better. Peter you're very smart guy. You must read unlike most Americans. We a sorry bunch seems as long as football and baseball are on TV everyone is happy and dumb. I like the hamburger mince extender VERY GOOD,, Thanks for the laugh

It's the fracking there doing that makes the US an exporter of petroleum and yet we still have to use ethanol. Of course with sub $50 barrel prices they can't afford to Frack much longer. It's like eating a hamburger with Vegemite in it, so Philcole can eat New York steak sandwiches.

PMSL, Drew !!!

I don't use ethanol blend in any of my vehicles (2 or 4 wheel) even if the engine is designated as suitable for ethanol. Thankfully ethanol blend hasn't yet taken over our gas stations !!

The US has hugh freaking coal reserves. You can run a Internal combustion engine on coal gas. I think it's all a load.
You could always install a bunch of solar panels and use a electric vehicle for commuting. Looked at one on the net with 600 hp and a 250 mile range. IT"S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

Same here Vardy. No ethanol here not even in the mower ans certainly not cars/bikes.

I use ethanol free all the time in my bikes. Yes I notice mileage drops off when on a trip and I can find ethanol free. I use the site to plan my trips. When I can't get ethanol free on a trip I add some Star-Tron additive to it. Run the tank almost to empty so when I get ethanol free again it dilutes it way out. Unfortunately around here it is also twice as expensive otherwise would burn it in my truck and car. Our 1984 VW Jetta would vapor lock in the summer time and not run well with ethanol. We had to use ethanol free in it.

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