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I recently put LED on my 1987 virago 1100 I wired it directly put the new flasher relay in place I tried to start the bike and as soon as I got the ignition I heard a pop and instantly lost all power. I just checked my fuses under my tac cover and they look good what could this issue be?



Is the flasher replay led compliant? When you say wired directly, from where to where?

check your fuses with an OHM meter not your eyes. They may look good but many times there not. Start with the main fuse and work your way down the fuse panel. I would double check your wiring. and the relay. Like Edwin says they must be LED compatible. Standard relays will just give you trouble.

I meant correctly it is compliant everything worked till I tried to start it

Dead short to ground. Somewhere there is something shorting out. In the case of a pop, something fried, Sight and smell can find a lot. Start by checking the new flasher. Is it possible you reversed the connections?

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